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TDR SSM Launcher Cameo.png
Surface-to-Surface Missile Launcher

TDR SSM Launcher Ingame.png

TD SSM Launcher Ingame.png

Internal name MLRS
Affiliation CNCR NodLogo.png Brotherhood of Nod
Role Artillery
Armament Two "Honest John" napalm warhead missiles
Tech level 7
Hit points 120
Shields 2
Cost $750
Build time 0:50
Produced by Airstrip
Requires Temple of Nod
Ground attack 100 (fire)
Cooldown 200
Speed 18
Attack range 10
Sight range 4

The Surface-to-surface missile (SSM) launcher was Nod's artillery vehicle used in the First Tiberium War.


Using the successful MLRS frame, replacing the rocket pods with two large "Honest John" missiles, the SSM launcher is a rocket artillery vehicle that can deal massive damage to infantry and structures, supporting the M110 artillery.

The technology that goes into the "Honest John" missiles is quite advanced - the missiles require sophisticated guidance and electronics, so Nod only delivers them to bases guarded by an Obelisk of Light.

These units were phased out by the time the Second Tiberium War had begun.

Game unit

The most important quality of these launchers is their extreme range. Their missiles have significantly more range than both the Obelisk of Light and an Advanced Guard Tower, and could thus be used to slowly wear down an enemy's defenses.

It only appears in multiplayer. While The Covert Operations expansion pack features missions with chemical warriors and Apache helicopters, there are no missions where one starts with or can build an SSM launcher, though the Nod AI player does regularly builds and uses them. The only singleplayer mission where it can be built is the fourth dinosaur campaign mission if Nod is the player's chosen side.


  • The SSM launcher's obscurity is referenced in the intro of the N64 version of Command & Conquer, in which one of the lines during the EVA installation intro's "Armament History" section is "SSM Launcher... SSM Launcher Deleted".



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