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During the Second World War, both sides utilized special infantry units to infiltrate and sabotage important enemy buildings or locations. Although these agents were utilized more frequently by the Allies and were sometimes trained for espionage as well, the Soviets did also use Saboteurs in some cases.

In one case, an important Soviet base in Germany was infiltrated and sabotaged by an allied Saboteur, who planted C4 charges on all the most important buildings, making the base an easy prey for the allied presence in the area. However, a skilled soviet commander managed to track the saboteur down and kill him before he was able to blow up the whole base.

After the war, Saboteurs, as well as thieves, were retired as their duty was taken by Spies, who became able to sabotage enemy buildings.


Saboteurs appear in the Soviet mission of Counterstrike, Besieged. In the mission, the Saboteur is one of the objectives. As long as he's alive he will blow up some buildings of the base, including the Construction Yard. He uses the sounds of the Commando of Tiberian Dawn.

In the basic Allies mission Dead End, Tanya is acting as a bridge saboteur, and after the mission is accomplished a short cinematic shows 2 saboteurs (one of them Tanya herself? though both look men) on a small boat, planting C4 charge to blow up a bridge and stop Soviet forces advance.


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