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Let's go get some parts!
- GLA Technical
GLA Salvage

Salvageable parts left by destroyed vehicles

Salvaging is a unique mechanism used by some GLA vehicles in Command & Conquer: Generals and its expansion, Zero Hour.


When playing as a GLA Commander, when an enemy vehicle is destroyed by a GLA unit or a GLA vehicle is destroyed by the enemy, a salvage crate will be left behind. This crate can be picked up by certain GLA vehicles for upgrades. Each compatible unit has two salvage upgrades, with different effects depending on the unit. Salvage crates do not appear from GLA units destroyed by friendly fire.

If a unit that cannot use salvage (including infantry units) or a unit that has already been fully upgraded picks up a salvage crate, they gain a small amount of cash and experience. American and Chinese commanders cannot see or pick up salvage crates, even with commandeered GLA vehicles. Similarly, GLA commanders who have access to units of the other two factions cannot use them to retrieve any salvage crates.

In Generals, only Technical, Quad cannon, and Marauder tank can upgrade using salvage crates. However, in Zero Hour, Scorpion tank, Toxin tractor, SCUD launcher, and the newly added battle bus can also be upgraded.

Vehicle First salvage upgrade Second salvage upgrade
Marauder tank Faster cannon reload Dual cannons with faster reload
Quad cannon Improved rate of fire Further improved rate of fire
Technical Machine gun replaced by cannon Cannon replaced by rocket launcher (rocket can be intercepted or jammed)
Scorpion tank More powerful cannon Dual Scorpion Rockets (no effect if upgrade not purchased)
Toxin tractor
(ZH only)
Improved damage and range Further improved damage and range
SCUD launcher
(ZH only)
Improved range Further improved range
Battle bus
(ZH only)
Improved armor Further improved armor