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Yo, thanks for getting me out, Commander!
- Sammy Stallion

Sammy Stallion was an action film actor who joined the Allied fight against Yuri's Army during the second iteration of the Third World War.


Stallion makes an appearance during Hollywood and Vain. He is one of the three Hollywood action hero parodies to appear in the mission and can be controlled by the player to make a stand against Yuri's occupation.

Sammy Stallion is a parody of Sylvester Stallone in his role as John Rambo, with some of his lines also referring to his roles in Rocky, Cobra, and First Blood.

Game unit[]

He is armed with an M-60 machine-gun and grenades to dispatch infantry and destroy structures, but cannot attack vehicles.


Note: in patch 1.001, Sammy Stallion uses the voice set of a GI.

When selected[]

When moving[]

  • I'm going the distance.
  • Yo, I'm there!
  • Fancy footwork.
  • You know it.
  • Alright, sounds like a plan.

When ordered to attack[]

When suppressed[]

  • They hittin' pretty hard!
  • This ain't looking so good!
  • Hey yo, how 'bout some help here?

When an enemy tries to mind-control him[]


  • For legal reasons having to do with publicity rights, Sammy and the other action hero parodies have had their unique dialogue and names replaced by patch 1.001, with all of their quotes replaced by standard GI ones. In this version, Sammy is called simply Bodybuilder. The original strings and audio files are still found in the game files.


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