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Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its territory is important to all sides of the Tiberium wars.


Kane, apparently fascinated with Southeastern Europe, chose Sarajevo - the city where Gavrilo Princip, a member of the Black Hand terrorist group, triggered World War I - as the site of his first Temple of Nod.


During the First Tiberium War, a Temple of Nod was constructed as the first site in Europe, after Africa fell under total Nod control. However, the location of the Temple was discovered by GDI and after a three day siege, the Temple was destroyed by an ion cannon, presumably taking down Kane as well. GDI secured the area and declared it a secure territory. Their presence in the area was extreme, but eventually was reduced to a skeleton science crew by 2030. This proved to be a tactical error, as when Kane reappeared before the Brotherhood, one of his first orders was recapturing the Temple of Nod in Sarajevo from GDI. The weak resistance was swiftly crushed by Nod forces under General Anton Slavik, but the secrets within had already been taken by the mutants.

Following the war, GDI redrew the international border lines based on the level of Tiberium infestation. Sarajevo and the western part of the Balkans was designated Yellow zone Y-1 and partially decontaminated to support regular human inhabitants. As the GDI gradually withdrew their forces, Nod moved in, and at the site of the old Temple a new, larger Temple Prime was erected which soon became Kane's seat of power by 2047. Three ion disruptors were constructed to prevent another ion cannon strike from firing on Sarajevo. The Temple was built over a vast network of underground tunnels and natural caverns. Kane stored liquid Tiberium he needed for his plan of luring the Scrin to Earth.

Eventually, after triggering the Third Tiberium War, the Temple was hit by an ion cannon strike again by GDI, triggering a massive Tiberium explosion that destroyed much of Southeastern Europe, turning the region into a ravaged red zone.


  • True to the series' tendency to mirror or refer to real-life events, Sarajevo was most likely chosen as the point of most attention in the Tiberium universe due to the fact that its real-life counterpart was besieged during the development of the original Command & Conquer, and the fact that it was the place where World War I sparked.
  • Although the mission is supposed to take place in Sarajevo, Temple Strike has its pre-mission map mistakenly pointing to the northeast of Sarajevo, to the area around Kladanj.

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