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Sarajevo is the final mission of Act III of Nod's campaign in Tiberium Wars.


With the weapon recovered from the crash site in Slovenia, Nod forces escort it for four hundred kilometers across Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the transport finally arrives at Temple Prime, separated by a massive GDI base from their target destination. The Commander is assigned by Kane to protect the device and ensure it arrives at the Temple unharmed.

Meanwhile, Alexa Kovacs and LEGION prepare to stage a provocation, to ensure Kilian Qatar's fall from grace - an attack on Temple Prime by dissident Nod forces.

New units[]

  • Beam cannons


Firstly, make sure the Tiberium Truck is safe to enter the Temple Prime by eliminating several GDI patrols on the road to the temple. Bypass the large GDI base on the either side of the road, you can take care of them later.

Temple Prime is lightly defended with turrets. As soon as it is possible, order the truck to enter the Temple. Once in, Temple Prime's defenders and base will be yours to control. Prepare a large fleet of Avatars, aircraft and infantry to perform hit-and-run tactics on GDI bases. One the GDI forces take the bait, eliminate them altogether. Build SAM Sites and Obelisks of Light to defend yourself from both GDI and later Nod attacks.

Nod 9 The Defense of Temple Prime 03

Nod renegade base

After rooting out GDI defenders from the area, Nod forces will arrive from the South and help you destroy GDI's base, through a massive carpet bomb maneuver. However, they will quickly reveal themselves as traitors to the cause. Return to base, repair and reinforce your army and perform the same tactics as what you did with GDI. As the dissidents only have a nearly depleted tiberium field to fund themselves with, this should suffice.


  • GDI Barracks will keep swarming in the same location even if the GDI Construction Yard is destroyed.
  • Don't try to capture the GDI base. The bombardment of the traitors will destroy it anyways. The destruction affects air units as well, so just keep your aircraft home.
  • There is a -rather suicidal- way to capture the GDI conyard. Immediately after the truck enters the temple, build up lots of rocket militants with some saboteurs and a Nod commando mixed in, then charge them in a suicidal attack against the base. Use and expend your infantry to destroy and distract GDI effort so that saboteurs can sneak in and capture whatever they can catch. Do it with haste and the GDI MCV will be in yours. Don't forget to evacuate whatever that can be salvaged.
  • There is no way to finish the traitor's base quickly. Even if you destroy their MCV, their base will still raise up as it is scripted.
  • If you find yourself struggling to defend Temple Prime, you can place some Avatars on the defence points. They are well armored, have strong firepower, and -if managed well- can actually manage to receive "donations" from the traitors' own armor.
  • If you want to skip the trouble of destroying GDI then don't attack them and just build two obelisks from where they are attacking and ramp up 20 avatars, 10 flame tanks and 10 stealth tanks. Hold up until the Nod dissidents come and carpet bomb the GDI base saving you the trouble of destroying it. Quickly move your forces and start attacking the nod traitors and mission accomplished.



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