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Satellite hacking technology was developed by the PLA's legion of experienced computer programmers, code-crackers and hackers. After the experience of their first campaign against the GLA, PLA Generals demanded better intelligence on enemy troop movements. Lacking their own military spy satellite network, the Chinese instead hack into those of others. Two levels of Satellite Hack are available to Chinese commanders from the Internet Center.

Game effect

Satellite Hack 1

It costs $1000 to upgrade an Internet Center with Satellite Hack 1. After the upgrade, the fog of war around enemy Command Centers will be lifted, allowing Chinese commanders to always see enemy troop movements in the heart of their bases.

Satellite Hack 2

This replaces the Satellite Hack 1 protocol and costs $2500 to upgrade. Every 4 minutes, all enemy troop movements, bases and defensive positions will be revealed to the commander for 25 seconds. Moreover, it still contains the permanent reveal of enemy Command Centers. Satellite Hack 2 is similar to the American Intelligence protocol.

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