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Saving Doctor Mobius
Previous Code Name Delphi
Next Ion Cannon Strike
Part of First Tiberium War
Location Shkoder, Albania or
Sofia, Bulgaria
CNCR NodLogo.png Unknown
Game Command & Conquer
Mission Transcript
A GDI base is under siege in this region. Dr. Moebius is trapped in the base. Move in, grab Moebius, and then a transport helicopter will be sent to you. Get Moebius into the transport. Make sure that there are no SAM sites in the area or else the transports will be useless.
- Mission briefing

Saving Doctor Mobius was the twelfth main mission in the GDI campaign of Tiberian Dawn.[1]


Having defeated Nod in Greece, GDI had a way to bypass the line of fortifications which Nod had constructed against a southwards assault, by attacking from the south. The defection of neutral Turkey to GDI following the fall of Greece only strengthened their position in the south. Meanwhile Nod forces in Ukraine had finally been driven into Crimea and decisively defeated.

But GDI did not wish to have to leave massive garrisons in Nod, Europe, it was a global conflict after all. Much as they had done in Slovakia they had established hospitals within GDI bases for those suffering from Tiberium sickness led by famous doctor-scientists. One hospital was led by Dr. Mobius himself, the other by another leading GDI doctor-scientist.

But the fierce Nod counter-attack had singled out these bases for destruction. Though repulsed they had heavily damaged the buildings in both bases and most crucially eliminated their Tiberium refineries and Construction yards. With the bases no longer viable in the long run it had now become a priority to rescue the scientists.


It had initially been expected to be a simple operation, Chinook helicopters would arrive and fly away with the scientists. However nearby Nod SAM sites shot down the Chinook helicopters but fortunately before the scientists could board.

The commanders which included James Solomon now had to use the limited resources at hand which could not be replenished without any Harvesters able to collect Tiberium to repair the base and build up a force capable of launching an offensive to eliminate all the SAM sites in the area.

Despite their limited resources the commanders were still able to destroy the SAM sites. The Chinook helicopters finally arrived and left with the scientists. After this the remaining GDI forces in the area dismantled their base and left the area before more Nod forces could arrive.


The GDI closes in on Yugoslavia

The doctor-scientists were relocated to more secure locations in Bulgaria and Albania, establishing new hospitals for Tiberium sickness. When the population saw the care given to the patients at these hospitals their hearts warmed to the GDI so that the new governments established by GDI in Albania and Bulgaria were able to attract public support.

Meanwhile GDI forces freed up from Ukraine had finally crushed the uprising in Belarus thus restoring their occupation government. Only Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Croatia now remained under Nod control. The GDI now prepared for their invasion of Yugoslavia.


GDI 12A - Saving Doctor Mobius (Albania)
GDI 12B - Saving Doctor Mobius (Bulgaria)


  • The Mammoth Tank makes its first appearance in the GDI campaign here as does the Advanced Guard Tower, but more of either cannot be built.
  • The Obelisks defending the Nod base, in both variants of the mission, begin unpowered. A telltale sign is when playing on Remastered and having health bars automatically show on damaged buildings and units, the Nod SAMs show their health bars soon after the mission begins (as the low power means they are very slowly taking damage). If quick enough, it is possible to load an engineer into the starting APC and capture the Nod Construction Yard before Nod’s power comes online. In most cases, it is possible to hang on to it long enough to equip the GDI base with a Refinery granting the player with unlimited money to complete the mission.


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