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The Scalpel Is a Nod Support-class repair support aircraft appearing in Tiberian Twilight.


It is an unarmed air unit designed to repair other air units on the go, and therefore it is also rightfully fragile. Yet it is also an useful asset to any airfleet, due to the repair ability and support value. It can be upgraded with an Infusion Engine, Range Boost and Speed Boost.


The Scalpel is the Nod Support Class' main repair unit. Though all classes have access to Engineers, they can't repair Air Units. The Scalpel fills this necessary role.

Its additional mobility, debuff, and repair capacity up this unit's cost to 6 command points. The Scalpel can also be upgraded to increase the fire rate of allies in a small radius.

Though necessary to maintain large airfleets, the Scalpel has terrible armor and low maneuverability. A single rocket barrage from a Tier 2 Crawler will destroy a Scalpel, so micromanagement is necessary to preserve them.



  • Scalpel, at your request!


  • What's seem to be the problem?
  • Who need some attention?
  • On call!
  • I'm fully equipped!
  • No appointment necessary!
  • I'm right here!
  • Hello?


  • I'm on my way!
  • I know!
  • One moment please!
  • I understand!
  • Of course!
  • Right away!
  • Promptly!
  • No standing around!
  • Hmm..okay!
  • I'm sure something need fixing!


  • Hmm...yes!
  • Ahh...another!
  • Be still now!
  • This won't hurt!
  • Let's have a look!
  • I know, i know!

Using Infusion Engine Abilities

  • This should help!
  • Ahh...i see what you mean!
  • I can help with that!

Move to Attack (Repair)

  • Let me get a closer look!
  • On my way!
  • Everything will be fine!
  • It will all be better!
  • Let me take care of it!
  • We better hurry!
  • Already?

While Repair

  • Still working on this one!
  • Looking better already!
  • A little more to go!
  • Like my work?
  • I'm a very busy man!

Under Attack

  • Is someone going to help me?
  • I can't defend myself!
  • They're attacking me!
  • Aren't you going to do something?
  • How rude of them!


  • I don't wanna be late!
  • It's about time i get a break!
  • Looks like it's time to go!



  • According to the Worldbuilder, it was originally called Shuriken.
  • It is an larger, bulkier, more armored, and heavier version of the Spanner, due to its considerable size and its fragile armor.


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