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Scanner pack
A Zone Trooper squad with scanner packs
A Zone Trooper squad with scanner packs

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Increases sight range of Zone Troopers and Zone Raiders, and enables them to detect stealth in a small radius.

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An optional upgrade of the Zone trooper and Zone raider armour, the scanner pack was a set of sophisticated sensors and scanning equipment that increases the armor's sight and weapon range capabilities as well as limited detection of active camouflage systems.


Although the brief description reads "detects stealth in a small radius," the detection range is comparable to—if not greater than that found on defensive structures such as Watchtowers, Guardian Cannons or AA Batteries. Combined with Zone Infantries' extreme resistance to tank cannons, crushing and Tiberium, as well as their excellent anti-armor capabilities, the ability to detect stealth just makes them even more dangerous against enemy vehicles of every type.

Unlike many other upgrades, Scanner packs do not affect units from other GDI sub-factions that can make use of Scanner packs. The GDI scanner packs and ZOCOM scanner packs are considered to be separate upgrades and will only affect units from their respective sub-faction. This is the same for Power packs.

Behind the scenes

In the configuration files, along with Power Packs, they are named AutoInjectors—indicating they are integrated into the wearer's body.

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