This was the site of a particularly fierce battle in which the Soviet Union's infamous Natasha wound up shooting the pilots out of dozens of different vehicles. And now, Commander Vera is trying to clean up the mess, while her rival Takara threatens to snatch up as many operational vehicles as possible. Do not wait for them to settle in. Get your forces to those vehicles as quickly as you can, and drive Vera and Takara out. There's a treasure trove of forensic evidence waiting for us here.
- Mission briefing

Scavenger is the seventh main mission in Commander's Challenge.

Briefing Information

Units on the map

Map-units SCAVENGER 2

Units on the map

The trick with this challenge, is the total of capturable units. At every base there is the following types of units: Multigunner IFV,Mecha Tengu/Jet Tengu, Guardian tank,Riptide ACV, Sickle, Stingray, Assault destroyer,Bullfrog and Tsunami tank.

The Bullfrog, Tsunami Tank, Stingray and Assault Destroyer are only capturable with an Engineer!


Wave-Force Artillery, Tesla tank (Red Alert 3), King Oni, Striker VX/Chopper VX, V4 rocket launcher, Mirage tank, Athena cannon, Hammer tank

Under Par Challenge

Note: This challenge can be tricky, because the other commanders start training a lot of infantry from the start, which will resort in capping a lot of long range and air vehicles, This challenge may take a few tries before completing this under par time

This challenge is do-able with every commander, but the Empire of the Rising Sun is best while playing this challenge.

Empire: Build 2 instant dojos in the center of the map. When this is done, build a power plant and an ore refinery for extra income. Then start capping the strongest units in the center ( The King Onis, Wave-Force Artillerys, Apocalypse tank, Tesla tank and other powerfull stuff. The enemy will attack you, but with V4 rocket launchers, Sickles, Multigunner IFVs and other basic tanks/vehicles. Pull back quickly to avoid getting powerfull units destroyed. Take down the soviet commander by destroying her barracks and/or her War factory. Then proceed to take down everything.

In the meantime, the imperial commander will try to attack you. keep an eye out for this and watch out for artillery that can be a pain to deal with, Then destroy every building in the imperial base (some of your units will have Heroic veterancy because they destroyed a lot of units). Keep an eye out for building in the water.

Note: Both enemy commanders are able to build superweapons, like the Vacuum imploder and the Psionic decimator. Keep an eye out for those superweapons.

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