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The Scavenger is a rare Nod infantry unit in Command & Conquer: Rivals.


In the Yellow Zones, you learn that survival always comes first. Scavengers have been raised to find the value in anything they find. The brotherhood of Nod, who frequently recruit from the Yellow Zone, pay the scavengers for their salvaged goods creating a beneficial relationships between the two parties. The scavengers are always on the lookout for a bit of coin even if it means benefiting of the deaths of enemies and allies alike.[2]


  • Can target infantry Strong against vehicles Strong against aircraft
  • Reveals invisible units.
  • Gains 10 Tiberium if any unit dies adjacent to the Scavenger.

Game unit[]

In combat the Scavenger squad fulfills the same role as the Laser squad, but it is more expensive, slower, has less damage output and less overall health. However, their special salvaging ability makes up for the shortcomings. When any unit dies next to them, they collect 10 Tiberium. If multiple Scavengers are nearby, each of them will salvage 10 Tiberium, even from Cyberwheels. This means that in the early game Nod can finance their war effort directly from the combat itself.

This Scavenging ability allows Nod to run a no-harvester strategy and not to worry too much about losing the cheap units. Scavengers also help to get Temple of Nod units out in a reasonable time even with a single harvester.

Scavengers work best with fast and cheap units, like Cyberwheels, Militants, Attack bikes and Laser drones. If they meet their doom near a scavenger, they become much cheaper to replace.

As the battle goes on, the proportion of income that the Scavengers can provide diminishes, making them less effective in the late game.


Seth No harvester aggro
Fanatic Scavenger Cyberwheel Attack Bikes Stealth Tank Laser Drone
Oxanna Kristos Arty party
Militant Scavenger Laser Drone Venom Phantom Artillery
Oxanna Kristos  
Militant Scavenger Attack Bikes Buggy Inferno Phantom
Oxanna Kristos  
Scavenger Cyberwheel Attack Bikes Phantom Flame Tank Rockworm


  • Added to the game on June 18, 2019
  • 2019-07-02:
    • Attack Delay increased to 0.15 seconds (was 0)
    • Attack Speed reduced to 4 seconds (was 3.45) seconds.
    • HP reduced to 280 (was 320)
  • 2019-09-12: Move speed decreased to 5.4 (was 6.928)


When created[]

  • Scavenger, ready to roam
  • Scavenger, ready to hunt
  • Money makes the world go round

When selected[]

  • Treasure hunter here
  • Looking to pick up the pieces
  • Ready to hunt
  • Ready to salvage
  • Scavenger lurking

When moving[]

  • Scavenger, seeking
  • Roaming for riches
  • Prowling the battlefield
  • Treasure hunting
  • The hunt is on

When moving to attack favorably[]

  • Show me the moolah!
  • Worth a fortune
  • Gonna make a killing
  • Will trash it into treasure

When moving to attack neutral[]

  • I find value in everything
  • Turning trash into treasure
  • I love flaming wrecks
  • Trash to treasure

When moving to attack unfavorably[]

  • All risk, no return
  • Bad investment
  • Will return to trash
  • Not worth much

When unable to attack target[]

  • No worth it
  • There's value elsewhere
  • Nothing to salvage

When attacking[]

  • Making lemonade from lemons
  • Salvaging the battle
  • I'll pick up the pieces
  • Show me the moolah!

When under attack[]

  • Nothing is worth this!
  • Getting ripped apart!
  • Salvage me!!
  • Get us out of here!
  • Save the loot, and me!

Behind the scenes[]

This will help sustain a lot of early game decks as well as stem the Tiberium bleeding for late game decks.
- KyleF


  • Provably inspired by Scavengers form Renegade 2.
  • Mercantile attitude. Female.
  • When idle, looks around and sometimes picks up and pockets some valuables from the ground.



Nod Scavengers - Intel Report



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