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CNCRA3U logo.png Until a future game comes out and says otherwise, all Red Alert 3 - Uprising missions are treated as canon.

Schemes on the Intruders is the second mission in the Soviet perspective of the Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising.[1]


I can't believe this. FutureTech has full support for the Allies, even though they have been kidnapping our scientists for their own devices. We have located another secret research facility. This time they have been audacity to locate in Mother Russia herself! Protect our people, and putting end what they have doing there. Do svidaniya.
- Dasha(src)

With the rescue of the scientists and the discovery that the facility actually belonged to the company FutureTech and not actually the Allies, it alarmed the Soviet Underground which then watched the company and its activities closely. The underground began looking for any more FutureTech facilities and discovered one in their motherland.

Dasha tells the Soviet Commander that she wonders how it was that FutureTech has gained full support from the Allies, even when they kidnapped the scientists. She tells the Commander that they have found another facility which FutureTech has got the guts to put in the motherland itself and so Dasha wants the Commander to go straight to Murmansk and find out what FutureTech is up to.

Force composition

For this operation, the Soviet Underground had their entire arsenal including their new Mortar Cycles to use for hit and run attacks.

FutureTech protected their facility with a fully operational army which included more Pacifier FAVs and also their new infantry, the Cryo Legionnaire and also had a Proton Collider in their facility. Also, several Allied prision guards were supporting FutureTech by hostaging prisoners in the area.

New additions

RA3U Mortar Cycle Icons.png


Those filthy animals… experimenting on civilians! That's it, I'm sending in Kirovs! We will reduce that place to rubble!
- Dasha

The Soviets had paradropped a company of War Bears, Conscripts and Flak Troopers to observe the facility. After evading some Allied patrols, they arrived on a cliff from which they could see the facility. They saw several Soviet civilians in a cage wearing military uniforms and dummy replicates of ADK-45, being frozen by Cryo Legionnaires. Just then, the civilians were murdered by a Cryo Legionnaire, who used his boost jump ability on them.

Soviets defend in their field base in the village

The furious Dasha called them "filthy animals" and ordered some Kirov airships to reduce the facility to rubble, but the Kirovs were destroyed by Multigunner turrets occupied by Cryo Legionnaires which simply froze the Kirovs in midair, causing them to fall out of the sky.

Dasha was shocked and told the Commander to fall back to to a nearby village and hole up until reinforcements arrived. The Soviets fought hard and managed to defend the base from FutureTech and Allied attacks (in fact, the Allies had a base to the south-east) by making use of the garrisons in the area until the reinforcements arrived.

Soviets assault FutureTech base

The Soviets had gained their initiative and so attacked and destroyed the Allied base, freeing 3 groups of 4 captive Soviet Hammer Tanks each. The Hammer Tanks all had leached several other tanks and had a whole variety of weapons, including an Athena cannon, an Apocalypse tank's cannon, a V4 rocket launcher, an assault destroyer's 120 mm cannon, and even a Future Tank's Neutron Scrambler. They then proceeded to attack the FutureTech facility and easily managed to destroy the activated Proton Collider in the base.

However, it was not so easy as suddenly President Thornley had contacted the Commander and told him that his attack was a violation to the surrender terms and ordered him to stay down and surrender. Soon after that, a full battalion of Allied tanks were teleported by the Chronospheres to the middle of the facility, but the Soviets destroyed the Allied reinforcements at the cost of several Hammer Tanks.


With the FutureTech facility destroyed, the attack caused some people to ask what FutureTech had been doing in this remote place of Russia. However, President Thornley responded that their first concern right now was to find the terrorist, responsible for that horrific attack.


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The first part is scouting for Futuretech activity. Once the Soviets learn that they are experimenting on civilians Dasha will send in Kirovs to level the place but they get frozen and shot down.

The next part is retreat to the Soviet base in the village where the player must garrison the buildings to stop the Allied attacks.

Beware of the Cryo Leginnaires because they will freeze multiple units and then boost kick them to pieces.

Once reinforcements arrive use them to build apocalypse tanks, migs, dreadnoughts and Akulas to destroy the Allies.

Beware of the Proton Collider that will shell the Soviet base.

Liberate the Gulags to free the Hammer tanks.


  • Even though Dasha claims that FutureTech is experimenting on civilians, the in-game model for the experiment subjects are the same as Conscripts. This is likely because Red Alert 3 lacks civilian models.
  • The mission involves spying on an enemy base to gain intelligence of new weapons and then, once the enemy is made aware of the Soviets, falling back to a location close to where the player starts in order to receive reinforcements. This makes it somewhat reminiscent of Brothers in Arms from Command & Conquer: Red Alert - The Aftermath.
  • The Proton Collider can be captured. However, the player is unlikely to be able to keep it because of the Pacifiers. It is best just sold immediately for cash.




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