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Scorched Earth is the fifth mission in the Chinese campaign of Command & Conquer: Generals. It is an operation to eliminate a key GLA stronghold that had taken over the city of Balykchy in Kyrgyzstan and was providing reinforcements to GLA operations in western China.[1]


The Chinese military was able to remove all GLA cells inside China's borders. However it did not mean that China was secure; the GLA could still infiltrate China from its strongholds in neighboring Aldastan, a region consisting of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. In order to fully eradicate the GLA Asian cell, China needed to destroy all major cells in Aldastan before moving onto Kazakhstan. The first step was to liberate the GLA-controlled town of Balykchy, and they have requested American air support.

Key Units[]

ZH China Carpet Bomb cameo Gen1 Overlord Tank Icons CNCG MiG Cameo


First Bombing Run[]

Taking positions in the port area of the city, the PLA had finally gotten support from the UN and the American government, whom had lent the Chinese B-52 bomber support. The first US bombing run destroyed multiple GLA troops and positions, though the affected area was too far to make any difference to the Chinese forces present.

Taking the City[]

After receiving intelligence that the GLA had heavily booby trapped the city, PLA forces moved cautiously, first establishing stronger defenses around their base, then moving forward into the city. The GLA, aware of the Chinese presence in the city, made multiple attempts to dislodge them from their position, suffering heavy casualties from the heavily-entrenched PLA forces.

With the discovery and capture of an oil extraction and funding complex to the southwest of the city, the PLA started to put pressure on the main GLA base. Having been granted clearance by the main PLA command, the Chinese Commander ordered Nuke Cannons be brought to the front, in order to shell the GLA occupiers and garrisoned fighters that were at the front of the GLA defenses. It was no easy task however as the GLA had multiple demo traps across the entire city, and the urban environment restricted the Chinese tanks into a tight column formation which providing nice opportunties for car bombs to ambush them. With the GLA infantry garrisoning civilian buildings at strategic points, Dragon tanks were a neccesity in burning them out. Carpet bombing support had its uses, though many planes were initially shot down by the numerous Stinger Sites in the city.

Nevertheless, the Chinese task force, which also included the infamous Overlord tanks, persevered, slowly but surely took out the three GLA camps. They now struck at the main base of all GLA operations in the city. With overwhelming firepower brought about by some of the best weapons in the PLA arsenal, they succeeded in utterly destroying the GLA presence, liberating Balykchy from the GLA takeover.


The battle not only marked an important but a key turning point in the Chinese GLA Conflict, but it also was the first major involvement of American forces in the war.

This was a mark not missed by the GLA warlord and his remaining forces who had managed to escape to Bishkek by train.


Build a War Factory, a Propaganda Center and a Barracks as soon as possible. Overlords with Gattling Cannons and Propaganda Towers will have to be relied upon for the first part of the mission. Build some extra Bunkers with Tank Hunters to fight off Marauder Tanks, and MiGs to destroy Rocket Buggies before they cause too much damage to the base. Set one or two on Guard mode near various directions.

There will also be a Terrorist rush, but Gattling Cannons will handle it just fine.

Push to the west with Overlords and Black Lotus. They'll be able to root out enemy Demo Traps on the way. Rocket Buggies may have to be defeated with Black Lotus' ability. Alternatively, roll an Overlord right up to it. Use Red Guards or Nuke Cannons to deal with Stinger Sites.

Use Black Lotus to seize the Supply Stash for access to GLA assets. Quad Cannons will be guarding the Oil Refinery and Derricks, so deal with them first.

After that, the mission can be tackled in two ways:

  • Build a Palace and purchase the Arm the Mob upgrade. Spam Hackers for sustainable income, then spam Angry Mobs to steamroll everything.
  • Use a regular attack force consisting of Overlords, Rocket Buggies and Nuke Cannons. Overlords will hold the front while Rocket Buggies and Nuke Cannons engage Stinger Sites at range. Remember to also build the Black Market for the AP Rockets and Buggy Ammo upgrades, as the Rocket Buggies aren't so effective without them.


  • This is the only China mission in Generals where the US forces appear, namely the carpet bomber.


Mission cutscenes
Mission playthrough


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