The Scorpion railgun is a prototypical mass driver appearing in Renegade.


The technology for the creation of this mass driver was pioneered by Han Industries Ltd.[1] shortly before the First Tiberium War.

An inefficent, but extremely powerful weapon, a few early models of the railgun came into the possession of General Gideon Raveshaw. It fires 30mm Torque II rounds[2] at extreme velocities, using a magnetic coil induction system to propel them to extreme speeds.

The round had a devastating effect on enemy infantry and armor alike, but had issues with heat emission and sound (both of which were to a degree compensated by a type 175 suppressor (made in ROK, Republic of Korea) which reduced the sound by 50 decibels) as well as long reload times.[3]

After the war, GDI confiscated the research and reengineered it, introducing new and improved GDI series of railguns.


It is used by Gideon Raveshaw in multiplayer.

Without doubts, it was Nod's most powerful handheld anti-tank/anti personnel weapon but with long reload times this weapon was unideal for close range firefights.


It is strange as to why when the Scorpion fires, a visible red laser beam is emitted. In real life, railguns use magnets to accelerate projectiles to high velocities. This was most likely done for balancing purposes, as having a weapon that was a one-shot kill on most infantry and highly damaging to vehicles and could not be traced back to the shooter would be an unfair advantage over GDI's Personal Ion Cannon.

However, this could be only a "slack off" on game design or an engine limitation, as the railguns depicted in many fictions (also the real-life ones tested by United States), slugs trail bright plasma wakes after being fired, which can expose the shooters' positions.

Although no evidences, the name "Scorpion" may suggest it's a Nod weapon, or at least a weapon contracted by Nod. So there's a possibility that GDI's achievements on Railgun technologies are Nod-origin, it's unknown why Nod abandons such a promising direction of future weaponry.

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