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Scorpion rocket installed, sir!
- Scorpion driver when upgrade is complete

Scorpion Rockets are crude missiles which can be attached and launched from GLA Scorpion Tanks. They compensate for the Scorpions' relative lack of firepower compared to their American or Chinese counterparts.

Game effect

They can be purchased at the Arms Dealer. After the upgrade, all Scorpion Tanks on the battlefield will be equipped with the rockets which can be used to attack ground targets. Scorpion tank drivers are instructed to let their rockets loose as soon as they spot the enemy. One rocket will be launched at a time and there is a few seconds delay before another one can be launched. The rockets have a short range but can cause considerable amount of damage, as well as collateral damage (Caution: friendly forces nearby may be affected as well). This can help Scorpion tanks to destroy their target before they are destroyed themselves due to their poor armour.

Strangely, these rockets can track moving targets, making the tanks effective counters for fast vehicles using hit-and-run tactics. In Zero Hour, when the tank fully upgrades its weapons through salvaging, it gains a second rocket which fires right after the first.


  • The Scorpion rocket appears to be modeled after the 9M14 Malyutka (AT-3 Sagger) ATGM.

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