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For other units of the same name, see Scorpion tank.

Scorpion, ready to sting!
- Scorpion rolling out of the Arms Dealer
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The Scorpion tank was the GLA's primary choice armored vehicle during the War against the GLA.


While fast, they are a poor match for more modern armour in direct combat. This was demonstrated amply in Iraq, when a division of USA Crusader tanks took on an equally-sized division of Scorpions, annihilating the latter without suffering any losses. Nevertheless, the GLA have plenty of upgrades available to make the Scorpion a viable weapon, such as the Scorpion rocket and the toxin shells upgrades. Like most combatant GLA vehicles, they could upgrade their primary weapon by salvaging parts from destroyed enemy vehicles in Zero Hour.



Gen1 Scorpion Rocket Icons.png Scorpion Rocket When purchased, all Scorpions are given a crude rocket launcher able to fire at ground targets. Purchasable at any Arms Dealer for a cost of $1000.
Gen1 Anthrax Shells Icons.png Toxin shells When purchased, all Scorpions fire shells laced with toxin. Purchasable from a regular GLA Palace for a cost of $1000.
Gen1 Anthrax Beta Icons.png Anthrax Beta When purchased, all Scorpions' toxin shells use a deadlier mixture. Purchasable from a regular GLA Palace for a cost of $2000.
ZH Anthrax Gamma Icons.jpg Anthrax Gamma When purchased, all Scorpions' toxin shells use a mixture improved to the regular Anthrax Beta. Purchasable from Dr. Thrax's Palace for a cost of $2000.
Gen1 AP Rockets Icons.png AP Rocket When purchased, the Scorpion rocket does 25% more damage. Purchasable from any Black Market for a cost of $2000.
Gen1 Junk Repair Icons.png Junk Repair When purchased, all Scorpion crews slowly repair their vehicles with improvised materials. Purchasable from any Black Market for a cost of $2000.


In Zero Hour, the Scorpion can also be upgraded with salvaged parts. The first upgrade improves its cannon, while the second upgrade will improve its cannon even more and add a second rocket to its weapons systems, bringing the Scorpion tank up to par with the Battlemaster and Crusader tanks in terms of damage output. A Scorpion can only receive the second improvement if Scorpion rockets have been researched. Otherwise, the salvage will be converted into money.

Game unit

Speedy and inexpensive, Scorpions are good for hit-and-run missions in the early phases of a battle. The Scorpion's cannon is most effective against lighter vehicles and structures. It has numerous upgrades to bring the tank to its true power. The Scorpion rocket upgrade is very useful, significantly adding to the Scorpion's firepower and giving it an edge against stationary anti-tank infantry. Toxin shells, leaves a small area of anthrax to deal lethal splash damage over time against infantry and it gains the bonus from Anthrax Beta and Gamma upgrades.

However, direct confrontation with technologically advanced USA and China heavy weapons is ill-advised in most cases. Furthermore, Scorpions remain vulnerable to anti-tank infantry (although the toxin shells and rocket upgrades help resolve this) and aircraft.

On the contrary of other MBT in the game, upgraded scorpion tanks can be a hard counter against enemy infantry, as scorpion rockets can exterminate hordes of enemy infantry and toxin shells can deliver a fair sum of damage too. That gives scorpions an ability not available to any other anti-armor tank (except the gattling cannon overlord) making the use of scorpions less risky. The various upgrades will add up, making it a very rounded cheap battle tank that can deliver a heavy amount of burst damage even in limited numbers.

With Zero Hour installed, the Scorpions may enhance its combat capability with salvaged parts. The first upgrade increases the effectiveness of its gun, while the second upgrade grants it another rocket if upgraded. The latter is extremely important, as a second rocket will grant Scorpion a desperately needed edge against the sturdier tanks from both the USA and China, although the rocket is still susceptible to being intercepted or diverted by the likes of the Avenger and the ECM tank.


Pros (Unit Advantages):

  • Cheap and fast
  • Good for hit-and-run attacks
  • Scorpion rocket upgrade improves anti-vehicle damage, benefitting from the AP Rockets upgrade
  • Toxin shell upgrade gives the tank a viable of killing infantry quickly due to poison effect from the shell fired from the tank
  • picking up land vehicle salvage wreck remains makes the tank stronger and quicker firepower and add 1 more rocket slot at 2nd salvaging wreck remains of a land vehicle that has been destroyed
  • Highly effective against hordes of enemy infantry including anti-tank infantry when fully upgrade both with toxin shells and scorpion rocket
  • Combination of tank cannon, rockets, and toxin shell give huge burst damage against all ground targets, greatly helped further with salvaging and its numerous upgrades.
  • Strong in groups when engaging or defending

Cons (Unit Disadvantages):

  • weakest tank in the game
  • inferior to most fighting vehicles
  • Poorer match against other tanks that are more modern and heavily armored
  • Rockets can be deflected by those units or structures that has missile deflection ability
  • Ineffective against infantry without toxin shells or scorpion rockets


Scorpion, ready to sting!
- When emerging from the Arms Dealer
Scorpion tank.
- When selected
No lack of courage!
- When selected
I will do my best.
- When selected
Our will is strong!
- When selected
Light tank of the GLA.
- When selected
I will do this.
- When moving
As you request.
- When moving
Yes, I understand!
- When moving
It is good.
- When moving
Very well.
- When moving
Fast as I can!
- When moving
My horse was faster!
- When moving
This people will not be mocked!
- When ordered to attack
- When ordered to attack
They must die!
- When ordered to attack
It will be taken care of!
- When ordered to attack
We are the just ones!
- When ordered to attack
No one stands in our way!
- When ordered to run over
They will pay for such insolence!
- When ordered to run over
How dare they stand there like that!
- When ordered to run over
Arming Stinger missile.
- When ordered to fire the rocket
Loading up a Stinger.
- When ordered to fire the rocket
Arming Scorpion tank rocket.
- When ordered fire the rocket
Firing Stinger.
- When firing the rocket
Sending the missile.
- When firing the rocket
It will hit its target.
- When firing the rocket
Stinger launched.
- When firing the rocket
Feel the scorpion's sting!
- When firing the rocket
Scorpion rocket installed, sir.
- When the Scorpion rocket upgrade is completed
Toxin shells upgrade complete!
- When the Toxin Shells upgrade is completed
The Junk Repair upgrade has been installed.
- When the Junk Repair upgrade is completed



  • The model/design Scorpion tank is similar to several medium tanks of the real World War II, such as the P-40 and the Panzer 38(t).
  • The concept and unused turretless model suggests the Scorpion was originally going to be a modified M113 or M114 APC.
  • The Scorpion tank was originally meant to be a Chinese tank. While only an unfinished model (shown in the gallery) is available inside the game files, the original Scorpion tank looked like an actual scorpion, with its double barrels and a rocket launcher "tail".
  • The second model of the Scorpion tank looks like the real life King Scorpion.
  • If a Scorpion tank is destroyed in vanilla Generals, it uses the wreckage model of the Crusader tank. This is corrected in Zero Hour, where the Scorpion receives its own wreckage model.

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