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For other uses, see Scorpion tank.

The AT-20 Scorpion Tank or Scorpion Mk. II is Nod's anti-armour tank used by the Offense Doctrine during the Fourth Tiberium War.[1]


What should have been Nod's most iconic battlefield asset, proved to be just a cockroach for GDI to crush. Kane's generals misused the Scorpion tank to swarm superior firepower. But I do not blame them. How can I, when it was Kane himself who ordered the tank to be a mockery of its name, more Cockroach than Scorpion?
- Gideon on the original Scorpion tank

Introduced in 2075, the Scorpion Mk. II is the successor of Marcion's own design, which dominated the Brotherhood's arsenals during the Third Tiberium War. Originally meant to inspire fear, the original tank was created at the behest of Kane, who inspired the Black Hand leader to create a terrifying weapon, complimenting the arsenal of Nod as an MBT. The end result was not quite as successful - the tank was often relegated as a support vehicle, rather than a vanguard, consistently misused by Nod commanders as a blunt hammer, rather than a precise scalpel.

Inspired by Brother Gideon's critique of Kane and his treatises, Talia Creigh, the principal designer of the new tank, took the above quote to heart and overhauled the design—emphasizing its iconic battlefield role and giving Nod a proper supporting combat tank: a vehicle they were lacking, as an analysis of the operational doctrine proved. The private unveiling of the new tank was followed by shock from the audience, something Brother Gideon summarised:

The Children of Nod are rising, finally they understand. The treacherous will not escape the grasp of Nod's claws, or the whip of it's tail.
- Gideon on the new tank

Game unit[]

The Scorpion's powerful tail laser is relatively effective against medium aircraft and vehicles and will tear through the heavy armour of units like the Mastodon easily. Its ability to burrow also makes it very useful for ambushing undefended Crawlers, which may otherwise be safe from attack. The Scorpion's greatest weakness (that it shares with all laser units) is that it cannot fire while on the move.

The Scorpion also has a unique achievement, called Hey Girl, which is gained from Scorpion pilots grappling a female unit (such as a Zone Raider).


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