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The Scorpion tank is a Nod tank that is both an offensive and defensive unit in Tiberium Alliances.

Game unit

A light tank geared towards attacking enemy vehicles. They are weaker than their GDI Counterpart but they can make up for this in numbers. Also, unlike the Predator tank and Scooper, Scorpions can attack aircraft, while in defensive positions.

Scorpions are unlocked, by default, for defense. But may be purchased, for the offense role, for 1.5 million Research Points and 600,000 Credits.

Their upgrade is the Laser Cutter, which increases damage to infantry caused by the Scorpion running them over. It costs 250 million Credits and 500 million Research Points.


Laser Cutter
TA Nod Laser Cutter.png
A laser in front of the Scorpion deals additional damage to enemy units when running over them.
Costs TA Icon Credits.png 100M TA Icon Research Points.png 200M


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