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For the Tiberian Twilight Nod unit, see AT-20 Scorpion tank. For the Generals GLA unit, see Scorpion tank (Generals).

The Scorpion's ready!
- Scorpion tank deploying onto the battlefield

The Scorpion Tank is a Nod main battle tank appearing in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


Point us to enemy armor
- Scorpion tank driver itching for a fight(src)

First deployed as early as 2034, during the Rio Insurrection, the Scorpion tank became the mainstay of Nod's armored divisions by the Third Tiberium War. Its design originated with Brother Marcion, who attributed Kane with the inspiration.[2]

The tank, codenamed the Scorpion, has three unique design features - first: the front armor of the tank is substantially sloped, with the rear completely exposed. Second: the gun is mounted on the front right next to the crew compartment. and third: it moves on three treads.

This configuration, while odd at first glance, provides excellent maneuverability, as the articulate rear tread allows for fast turns and reversing. The mobility and speed afforded the Scorpion tank also minimizes the danger of a rear-armour shot from enemy tanks. The driver is protected by Nod's trademark insect-like cockpit, also used in the Reckoner, Venom and the Attack Bike.

The main weapon is a classic 105mm APDS cannon, which is only moderately effective against newer armour, such as that equipped on GDI's Predator MBT. It can be upgraded with a Spitfire laser capacitor, which increases its firepower greatly—giving the Scorpion Tank a signature "sting". Another upgrade is the forward mounted Dozer blades, which increases armor and allows the tank to crush enemy heavy infantry (e.g. GDI Zone Troopers and Scrin Shock Troopers)—a feat impossible for the default configuration, as well as remove minefields and crush Scrin Disintegrators without any harm.

The Scorpion's light weight allows it to be airlifted into and out of combat with Nod Carryalls, though the heavier Predators can be airlifted with GDI's own transports, the V-35 Ox.

Scorpions are widely used by Nod forces in all theaters of war, being cheap to construct, fast and available early in the tech tree. Only a War Factory is required to construct them and they are far cheaper than both the Predator and the Devourer Tank, in addition to having superior speed and maneuverability. Having said that, if an equal number of Scorpions and Predators or Devourers face off, the Scorpions almost always come off worse. However, in superior numbers and/or with deft tactical handling (emphasis on superior numbers), Nod commanders can usually count on the Scorpion to carry them through.

Notable deployments

Nod Scorpion tank, upgraded with dozer blades and spitfire capacitor.

  • During the Rio Insurrection, the Nod AI LEGION, who was in command of the Brotherhood's forces there, acquired these tanks after its troops had captured the four radio stations, subsequently spreading Nod propaganda.
  • Scorpions were first used by the Nod Commander to defend a Liquid Tiberium lab in the Amazon before subsequently destroying a GDI base located nearby and pushing all GDI forces out of the region.
  • A small detachment of Elite Scorpion Tanks, stealth tanks and Venoms were also used to secure nuclear warheads from GDI in Australia. After that, they were assigned to protect them from the initial Scrin attack long enough in order to let the transports and their warheads be evacuated via Carryall Squad, callsign XA-17.


The Scorpion tank was replaced with the AT-20 Scorpion Tank during the Fourth Tiberium War: an advanced subterranean Mk. II version more suited to taking on heavy targets. The role of MBT was taken over by the Avenger.

Game unit

Scorpion tanks are the basic tanks of Nod. These tanks rely on speed and high rate of fire to destroy enemy vehicles. Never use Scorpions against predator tanks or devourer tanks unless in large numbers or any infantry armed with anti armor weapons. With the dozer blades upgrade these tanks can crush disintegrators and heavy infantry without harm. The spitfire laser capacitors upgrade will make the tank hit its target with 100% accuracy and with increased damage.




  • Tiberium Wars patch 1.05:
    • attack power reduced by 20%
    • rate of fire with laser capacitors upgrade reduced by 20% but attack power increased proportionally.
    • now cannot miss against moving enemy vehicles.
    • added recoil effects to non-upgraded Scorpion tank
    • fixed a graphical error that caused Scorpion tanks to catch fire more quickly than intended.


When created

  • The Scorpion's ready!

When selected

  • Scorpion tank!
  • We're ready!
  • Tank division!
  • What's the plan?
  • Let's get out there!
  • In position!

When moving

  • On the move!
  • Forward!
  • We're going!
  • Advancing!
  • Received!
  • Got it!

When ordered to attack

  • Getting in range!
  • Closing in!
  • Begin the assault!
  • Let's take 'em on!

When attacking

  • Fire!
  • Attack!
  • There!
  • Hit them hard!
  • Now they die!
  • Blow 'em open!

In combat

  • We have them!
  • No match for the Scorpion!
  • We're not backing down!
  • They are nothing!
  • We got this handled!
  • We will not be overpowered!

When retreating

  • Get away!
  • We must back down!
  • Pull back!


  • In the game's source files, the Scorpion tank is known as "RaiderTank" and the Raider buggy is known as "ScorpionBuggy".


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