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Scramblegun Jammer in Action

Whatchoo gonna do with dat, huh?
- Hydrofoil, firing the weapon jammer

The Scramblegun weapon jammer is a weapon used by Allied Hydrofoils. It is capable of disabling enemy weapon systems by firing an electromagnetic beam. This weapon can also disable base defenses.

However, the weapon jammer can only target a single enemy unit at a time, and its range is limited, leaving it vulnerable against long-range artillery units. Though the Hydrofoil's mobility usually allows it to close the distance unharmed.


The Scramblegun weapon jammer prevents the targeted vehicle, vessel, or aircraft, from using its weapons. It also disables non-offensive weapons, like the Guardian tank's Spyglass target designator or another Hydrofoil's Scramblegun weapon jammer.

The Scramblegun not only prevents the jammed unit from attacking, but also prevents the unit from activating the following abilities (if the target can change between two offensive weapons, the jammer prevents the target from switching weapons as well):

Pacifier FAV
Future Tank X-1
Harbinger gunship
Aircraft Carrier
V4 rocket launcher
Apocalypse tank
Mortar cycle
Akula submarine
Imperial ore collector
Wave-Force Artillery
King Oni
Steel Ronin
Burst drone
Giga Fortress
Yari mini-sub
Naginata cruiser
Shogun Battleship
Wave-Force tower


  • Once an Apocalypse tank captures a target using its magnet beam, the weapon jammer cannot disable the beam and free the unfortunate vehicle.