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25px-Disambig This article is about Tiberium Alliances unit. For the Tiberian Twilight unit, see Scrapbus.
TA Scrapbus

Used to take kids on school trips. Now resalvaged and plated in scrap-metal armor. Scrapbuses use their deadly vulcan cannons to cleanse enemy air.

The Scrapbus is a Forgotten anti-aircraft vehicle in Tiberium Alliances. As its name suggests, its a USA Schoolbus covered in scrap armor. It will move horizontally across the battlefield to attack airborne units but is restricted only by other stationary defenses. It can be taken out by anti-vehicle tanks and infantry. Spawns in level 14+ outposts.

Like Anti-Infantry aircraft picking off their Infantry counterparts. Scrapbuses can always be at the mercy of Paladins and Cobras as they're classed as Vehicle. Also the Salamander and Kodiak can dispatch theses vehicles with their long range.


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