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The Sea Scorpion is a Soviet anti-air ship in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge.

Deployment history[]

The Sea Scorpion was first seen against the Allies in Operation: Deep Sea. They mainly attempted to keep the Allied Harriers from taking off to repel the assault and from Destroyers sinking the Typhoon Attack Subs. It also served at Operation: Fallout as raiding vessels escorting Soviet Dreadnoughts.

RA2Sovietlogo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 2 and might contradict canon.

In the non-canonical Soviet campaign, the Sea Scorpion served as a valuable asset to intercept the Allied Harriers in Operation: Home Front. It served as important AA units in all other missions involving naval deployment, most importantly, during Operation: Sub-Divide, in which Sea Scorpions were essential in shooting down American and Korean Hornets from enemy Aircraft carriers.

Game unit[]

Sea Scorpions are essentially the naval version of the Flak Track but with a faster firing and harder hitting weapon that can rapidly eliminate aircraft with their flak cannon with ease at respectable ranges, especially against tight groups of them due to the weapon's splash damage. Moreover the weapon, is sufficient against infantry and lightly armored vehicles, although the short range does limit the type of coastal targets it can engage. In numbers, they are a match against a destroyer. With their high agility and superb visual range, they make great scouts and patrol boats, able to search the open waters in no time. Yet their armor is surprisingly tough and durable for their cheap cost (as durable as a Rhino Heavy Tank), able to effortlessly shrug off small arms and machine gun fire and to some extent Anti-tank fire but their weapon's lack of effectiveness against heavy armor makes them vulnerable to shore defences, tanks or destroyers. Having no defence against underwater threats also makes them vulnerable to Boomers and Dolphins. That said, they make excellent escorts for the Typhoon Attack Submarine as they can keep the seas clear from flying Ospreys while the subs can proceed to the frontline and take out destroyers and other ships uncontested.

Their Allied counterpart is the Aegis Cruiser, which has a much more powerful AA attack and somewhat better armor, but is slower, costs the double of resources, and lacks a ground attack option. Despite it being weaker than the Aegis, the Sea Scorpion is cheap to build and are powerful in their own right. A single shell against a single target may not seem much. But a single shell impacting a large tight bunch of aircraft can pose huge problems, making massed Sea Scorpions potentially about as efficient, if not better, than the Aegis. Hence, in the right hands can be a very cost effective and devastating Anti-air unit.

AI behavior[]

Sea Scorpions controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:


  • 2x targeting production structures, accompanied by 1 Dreadnought and 1 Giant Squid


In the new timeline created by Cherdenko, the Sea Scorpion was replaced (along with the Flak Track) by the amphibious Bullfrog which fulfilled the same role.


Note: in Red Alert 2, the Sea Scorpion shares its quotes with the dreadnought.

When selected[]

  • The water's warm, yes?
  • Need a little speed?
  • Good fishing here!
  • Nice day for a cruise!
  • I love my boat!

When moving[]

  • The quicker, the better!
  • A weekend getaway!
  • Riding the current!
  • Sounds good!
  • Running high!

When attacking[]

  • They want some flak, eh?
  • I hope they can swim!
  • I see them!
  • The sea can be dangerous place![sic]
  • Let's make some waves!



English French German Korean Chinese
RA2 Sea Scorpion Cameo CNCRA2 Sea Scorpion French Cameo CNCRA2 Sea Scorpion German Cameo CNCRA2 Sea Scorpion Korean Cameo CNCRA2 Sea Scorpion Chinese Cameo

Alpha cameo:
CNCRA2 Sea Scorpion Alpha Cameo


  • The Sea Scorpion was originally designed as the hydrofoil (judging by the internal name HYD), and was also referred to as the Seawolf. Instead of a flak cannon, it used twin missile launchers which differed in appearance in the renders and the in-game voxel. Certain beta screenshots and the game's intro cinematic show these designs, meaning that the current Sea Scorpion design was made very late in development.
  • The Sea Scorpion sinks instead of exploding when destroyed by a giant squid. The same goes to the Typhoon attack submarine, amphibious transport and robot tank.
  • According to the game files, the Sea Scorpion shares the same anti-air weapon as the flak cannon.
  • There is a discrepancy between the in-game voxel and its construction icon — the latter shows the flak cannon mounted near the vessel's stern, but on the former it is mounted amidships.
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