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YR Gameicon.png
Type City
Location Washington, United States
Affiliation RA2Alliedlogo.png Allied Forces
RA2 Flag USA.png United States

Third World War (II)

Seattle is a city is located in the Washington state, to the north-west of the United States. This is where Chairman Bing told an Allied Commander that Yuri is planning a funding operation with Massivesoft and that there is a Nuclear missile silo threatening the city. This mission was named Operation: Power Play and was the final mission held in the USA.


Seattle was one of the cities attacked by Yuri's Army during the Psychic Dominator Disaster. Snipers and Viruses fought each other here in a war of assassins, as the Allied Commander stopped Yuri's fundings by destroying the nuclear missile silo, retrieve the funds and wipe out the entire base. After the Allied victory, Massivesoft gave out aid to push the Allied war effort to Egypt where Yuri got hold of Albert Einstein to finish a Psychic Dominator.

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