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For other Nod civil conflicts, see Nod Reunification War

The Second Nod Reunification War was a brief struggle that erupted in 2034, in the aftermath of the Firestorm Conflict. It began with the Rio Insurrection and ended with the spectacular destruction of the GDI liquid Tiberium lab in Central Australia, which signaled the rebirth of the Brotherhood of Nod. These events would ultimately lead, 13 years later, to the events of the epic struggle known as the Third Tiberium War.


We are strong. We are invincible. We are the future of the survival of mankind... When Kane returns, we will truly be unstoppable!
- Anton Slavik's victory speech(src)

The Firestorm Conflict ended with CABAL's defeat at the hands of the unholy alliance of GDI and Nod. Anton Slavik triumphantly announced to a crowd of Nod soldiers that they had defeated the "single greatest threat to the survival of the Brotherhood". With Kane's apparent death and the elimination of the rest of the Inner Circle, General Slavik assumed leadership of the still strong and intact Brotherhood.

Slavik was unable to carry out his duties for long, however. Slavik was leader of both the larger Brotherhood and the Black Hand, and many members of the Black Hand did not welcome the new attention around their once secretive group. The anti-Slavik groups gathered around a prominent Black Hand member and influential religious writer, Brother Marcion. In the ensuing power struggle, Slavik was assassinated,[1] while Marcion and his followers went on a self-imposed exile to the Australian Outback. There, Marcion imposed his own version of religious purity and denounced Kane as a false prophet.[2] It was later discovered that his betrayal may have been the work of GDI spies. In any case, without a strong leader at its heart, the Brotherhood began to fragment. Nod commanders became warlords, each with his or her own vision of the Tiberium future.

In 2034, Kane awoke from his long recovery in CABAL's stasis chambers, only to find that the vast army he had commanded in the Second Tiberium War had been reduced to splintered groups fighting their own petty conflicts. The prophet, seething with rage, plotted to reunify the Brotherhood in the shadows, with only a few loyal, deeply trusted followers and his newly developed tactical AI, LEGION, as his only real military assets.[3]

You and I are all that remain, but all that is necessary, for together we will raise a great army...
- Kane, to LEGION(src)

A Great Uprising[]

GDI promised them prosperity, but in the slums of Rio the homeless and hungry know the truth. They have been forgotten, they have nothing, but their anger!
- Kane, on the masses(src)

Main article: The Rio Insurrection

Kane sent LEGION to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to spark a rebellion against the local GDI garrison. This would show the dispirited populations of the world GDI's corruption and that Nod remained a force to be reckoned with. Thus began the Great Rio Insurrection.

LEGION's forces captured radio stations around the city to spread Kane's word and incite rebellion. The disillusioned population of Rio de Janeiro soon rose up and joined Nod's ranks, razing the hated symbols of their oppression and tight-fisted control - the GDI administration buildings. This activity did not go unnoticed by the local renegade Nod warlord, however, who quickly claimed that Kane and the Brotherhood was dead, and declared himself the true prophet of Nod. However, his forces ultimately proved to be no match for LEGION's, and his base was razed to the ground. As his base crumbled around him and his command center came under attack, the Warlord tearfully pledged allegiance to Kane once more and asked to be spared. However, LEGION ignored his pleas for mercy and executed him as an example to show what fate befell those who resisted Kane.

This victory emboldened the masses to join Kane's cause, and inspired other Nod splinter cells to rally against GDI. The reunification had begun.

The Australian Campaign[]

My spies have located an abandoned GDI laboratory where our stealth technology, captured long ago, sits. Idled, neither exploited nor understood by those narrow-minded fools. Reclaim it for the Brotherhood.
- Kane(src)

Main article: What is Rightfully Ours

Kane next sent LEGION to Australia to reclaim Nod's lost stealth technology. In the years after the Firestorm Conflict and particularly after Slavik's assassination, GDI had confiscated most of what remained of Nod's advanced technology and stored it in a secret laboratory off the coast of Australia. Unused, but also not studied, it had been forgotten by all - except by Kane.

The facility itself was guarded by a commander attached to the Steel Talons, a powerful combat-oriented GDI division. The Steel Talons Commander fought ferociously, sending wave after wave of advanced mechanized walkers, but ultimately LEGION's forces managed to capture and hold the laboratory long enough to upload its information to Nod's central servers. With Nod's stealth technology rightfully in their own possession once again, Kane turned his attention to the Black Hand leader, Marcion, still denouncing Kane from the safety of his large stronghold in the Australian Outback.

The Persuasion of Brother Marcion[]

Kane was a coward and a traitor who long ago lost faith in the purity that is Tiberium. His violent demise was the result of his own lies and blasphemy. And he will be brought down to the pit of hell and all there will stare at him and ask, "Can this be the one who shook the Earth and Kingdoms of the World?"
- Marcion, on Kane(src)

Main article: Persuade Him...

With Nod's forces growing in number, Kane knew the Brotherhood needed a figurehead, a person around which it could rally around. However, revealing his continued existence to more than a select few was far too dangerous of a move, and thus Kane chose one who already commanded fanatical legions to do so in his stead: Brother Marcion. Kane noted that his Black Hand followed not out of fear, like much of the rest of Nod, but out of fierce, undying loyalty to him. His capture would serve the double purpose of installing a public leader to whom many were already loyal, and reuniting the estranged Black Hand with the forces of Kane.

However, Marcion had been quite vocal on his view of Kane's heresy, and Kane himself was aware that "persuasive" force would be necessary. He dispatched LEGION to Marcion's stronghold, where its forces were at first met with warm welcome. Upon realizing that LEGION's forces answered to Kane, however, he ordered nothing less than the total destruction of all of its forces. Marcion had defended himself well against any sort of attack, with a heavily defended base complete with fortress walls and patrols scouring the canyons for potential intruders. These measures ultimately proved to be insufficient to keep the wrath of Kane at bay, however, and the complex was demolished along with his headquarters. In a last-ditch attempt to escape the tide of invaders, Marcion attempted to flee via an underground tunnel system, but his guards were eliminated one by one and his transport surrounded by loyalist Nod forces.

The Grand Gesture[]

The Black Hand has generously chosen to share not only their arms, but also their intelligence. We have the location of GDI's secret Tiberium research facility. If these experiments were to be... destablized, the result would be a conflagration on a scale never before imagined, and a sign to the faithful that Nod has arisen once more!
- Kane(src)

Main article: A Grand Gesture

Marcion was brought before Kane, alive but in shame. He expressed remorse at having betrayed Kane, and (not without reason) claimed that GDI had corrupted him. The Black Hand had gathered much valuable but unused intelligence on GDI during their self-imposed exile, and though this information had been of very little importance to Marcion, Kane found some of it very interesting indeed. In particular, the Black Hand had located GDI's liquid Tiberium research facility in Central Australia, and Kane knew of the substance's volatility. The decision was made to destroy it: the ensuing catastrophic explosion would serve as a "grand gesture" to Nod forces worldwide that the Brotherhood lived on, and that their enemy was far from invincible.

A strike team, equipped with the arms that the Black Hand had developed under Marcion, was inserted into the area to execute the deed. The facility was lightly defended, and LEGION's forces were further boosted by the recaptured walker husks from a previously failed attack by the Black Hand. The facility's defenses caved under the onslaught of flame and lasers, and the lab was destroyed. As Kane had predicted, the destruction of the stored liquid Tiberium created an explosion of epic proportions that covered the majority of Australia, converting a large amount of it into fields of pure Tiberium crystals. Nod's involvement in the attack went unnoticed by GDI, whose on-site commander reported it to be merely an incident shortly before being killed. The facility's destruction also greatly set back GDI's already-stagnating research on liquid Tiberium, and whether planned by Kane or not, this ignorance would later prove to be very useful in the coming war.

All over the planet, the Nod factions that were still rogue rallied and rejoined Kane's cause once again. The now-unified Brotherhood began the long task of rebuilding and consolidating their forces and research efforts. Thirteen years later, their time would come...


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