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The Secret Service is a law enforcement agency in the United States of America. Their operatives, simply known as Secret Service Agents, served as bodyguards in charge of the physical protection of certain high-profile American officials - most notably among them, the President of the United States.


Dressed in crisp black suits, red ties, and sunglasses, these cold-looking operatives handled their protective duties with extreme precision. They carried small firearms for use in combat against potential attackers, and on occasion an additional briefcase (presumably with other equipment within). Their main charge was the American President, Michael Dugan, though it can be assumed that they continued to protect the current American President in the altered World War III timeline.


Red Alert 2[]

During the Third World War and the Psychic Dominator Disaster, Secret Service bodyguards accompanied the American President Michael Dugan in both Operation: Hail to the Chief and Operation: the Fox and the Hound. Due to the possibility of Alexander Romanov ordering an assassination against him, he remained under their protection for most of the conflict. Notably, they continued their silent vigil as President Dugan briefed the Allied Commander on Operation: Chrono Storm.

By 1973, they continued their protective duties when the American leader entered urban areas, always on the watch for any movement by the Soviet Union or their allies.


Allied Campaign[]

  • Hail to the Chief - Secret Service agents escorted the President out of the battle zone.

Soviet Campaign[]

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