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For the unused Renegade structure, see Shrine of Nod.

The secret shrine is a Nod infantry technology center, appearing in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


The Secret Shrine contains the special training rituals necessary to deploy advanced infantry. It can also be used to research advancements that substantially improve the effectiveness of most Nod infantry squads.[1]

Game structure

Upgrades provided

Icon Upgrade Description
CNCTW Tiberium Infusion Cameo.png Tiberium infusion Tiberium Infusion provides Militant Squads, Militant Rocket Squads, and Fanatics with additional 10% health and 25% speed, as well as armor increases for some militants and immunity to Tiberium. This upgrade costs $1000 and takes 0:30 to research. Nod and Marked of Kane only. (Ctrl+S).
CNCTW Confessor Upgrd Cameo.png Confessors Providing guidance to the masses, Nod Confessors can be assigned to militant squads to provide leadership and additional firepower. They can also hurl hallucinogenic grenades that cause targeted squads to fire on each other. This upgrade costs $1000 and takes 0:30 to research. Nod only (Ctrl+A).
KW Black Disciples Cameo.png Black Disciple The Black Hand is known for two things: infantry and flame weapons. Black Disciples embody both of these principles, adding a Black Hand squad member to all Confessor Cabals and Rocket Militia. This upgrade costs $1000 and takes 0:30 to research. Black Hand only (Ctrl+A).
CNCKW Purifying Flame Cameo.png Purifying flame A potent blend of Tiberium-based fuel can be added to Black Hand flamethrowers, making them burn with a searing blue flame. This upgrade costs $3000 and takes 1:30 to research. Black Hand only (Ctrl+S).
CNCKW Cybernetic Legs Cameo.png Cybernetic legs Extensive research into cybernetic limbs has yielded enhanced actuators that provide Marked of Kane cyborgs with twice as much speed as they had before. Marked of Kane only (Ctrl+A).

Support powers provided

Icon Support power Description
CNCTW Shadow Strike Team Cameo.png Shadow strike team Two veteran Shadow Teams fly in from the direction of the Secret Shrine to a designated location on the map. This power costs $2000 and takes 3:00 to recharge. Nod and Marked of Kane only.


  • Once the Tiberium infusion upgrade has been purchased, the vent in the center of the roof will start emitting Tiberium gas, in a similar fashion to the Nod Tiberium silos.
  • Similarly, once the Confessor or Black Disciple upgrades has been purchased, two glowing yellow lanterns will appear on both sides of the entrance to the building. Alternatively for the Marked of Kane, once the Cybernetic Legs upgrade has been purchased, two towers will appear in the front side of the building.
  • When the purifying flame upgrade has been purchased, a flame barrel will appear on the right side of the building.

Behind the scenes

  • The lanterns for the Confessor upgrade was originally part of the Hand of Nod[2].


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  2. Tiberium Wars GDI Strategy, at 2:00 mark
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