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Seeds of Destruction is the second mission in the Nod campaign of Tiberian Sun: Firestorm.

CABAL Briefing

The first step in our Tiberium evolution requires the fertilization of the land with new indigenous life forms. We will use this new life to educate those who wish to interfere with its progress. Locate and repair the bridge leading to the Genesis Pit before using the Toxin Soldiers to "persuade" the nearby civilians to aid us in our cause.


  • First Objective: Remain hidden from the GDI forces in the area.
  • Second Objective: Use drugged civilians to lure life forms out of the Genesis Pit to cleanse the region.


CABAL was reactivated under Slavik's command, and the Nod AI was surprised to see Slavik alive and leading the Brotherhood since Kane's disappearance. CABAL knew that the Inner Circle was divided and suggested removing Marzaq but Slavik refused since Nod was already in disarray without Kane's guidance and a command and control interface. CABAL did suggest taking the fight to GDI but through one of his experiments - using the Tiberian creatures to destroy a small GDI outpost. Slavik accepted this plan and ordered his commander to initiate CABAL's plan.


The plan was successful despite the drug's fatal side-effect, and CABAL did use this tactic one more time against GDI Colony 3. However this was stopped by the Firestorm Taskforce commander. With GDI forces spread thin, CABAL decided to kill Tratos to prevent him deciphering the Tacitus for GDI.


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