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The Sensor Pod Upgrade was a GDI upgrade in Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, in the expansion Kane's Wrath, it is simply called Sensor Pods.


Sensor pods were a type of optional equipment for the Orca aircraft developed prior to the Third Tiberium War. They were equipped with the latest G-Tech sensors, capable of detecting Nod stealth units.[1]

Game effect

This upgrade enables the "Deploy Sensor Pod" ability for Orcas. Sensor pods clear shroud and reveal stealth units within 400 units (500 units in Kane's Wrath). They can also be attached to vehicles and structures. They have a lifespan of 120 seconds, and will self-destruct when the time is up. Deploying a sensor pod costs 200 credits (100 credits in Kane's Wrath). The ability has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Sensor pods can only be selected by clicking and dragging. Doing so shows its effective range.



  • The description of the Orca's "Deploy Sensor Pod" ability in Kane's Wrath incorrectly states that the sensor pod lasts until destroyed.
  • The sensor pod model used in Kane's Wrath appears to have been corrupted, with many holes on the pod.


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