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RA3 Sentry Gun Icons.png Sentry Gun

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Internal name SovietBaseDefenseGround
Affiliation RA3 USSR logo.png Soviet Union
Role Anti-infantry base defence
Armament Heavy machine gun
Tier 1
Amphibious Yes
Cost 800
Build time 0:20
Produced by Soviet Construction Yard
Requires Reactor
Hotkey F2
Power -25
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The Sentry Gun was the Soviet Union's basic base defense structure during the Third World War.


It is basically three heavy machine guns on a 360-degree turning mount, surrounded by brick and mortar and manned by a single Conscript. The machine guns appear to fire armor-piercing bullets, as it is very deadly against both infantry and light vehicles, and can even be a threat to tanks in large numbers.

These structures offer a somewhat cost effective resistance against lone commando assaults (Natasha's laser sight has less range than its machine guns), but are out-ranged by artillery units and defenseless against aircraft.


  • The conscript inside is immune to weapons that would normally kill a conscript out in the open, including anti-garrison weapons, and will only be killed if the sentry gun itself is destroyed.
  • The conscript manning the sentry gun will drink from a bottle (which uses the same model as the Molotov cocktail) when idle. When selected, he will quickly drop the bottle, only to pick it up again once unselected.
  • The Conscript of the sentry gun will sometimes suddenly disappear when the structure is destroyed.
  • It is possible that the machine gun is electric powered, as it stops functioning when the power is low.

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