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The Shard walker was a Reaper-17 variant of the standard Scrin Gun Walker.


Believing the Gun Walker to be an antiquated relic, barely useful against all but the most primitive of species, Reaper-17 developed its own variant of the walker after a prolonged period of ritualistic, Tiberium fuelled experimentation. The result was the Shard Walker, a mutation of the Gun Walker caused by excessive Tiberium infusion. As a result of this mutation, this Walker is faster and stronger. In lieu of an energy weapon, the Shard Walker fires Tiberium shards at high speeds. These shards are stronger than the energy weapon, and the weapon itself is capable of being upgraded to Blue shards. It can also make use of Attenuated Forcefields to increase its durability.


CNCTW Uncombine with Buzzers Cameo
Uncombine with Buzzers Orders the Buzzer swarm attached to the vehicle to detach and roam freely (Ctrl+A).


CNCKW Attenuated Forcefields Cameo
Attenuated Forcefields Provide a fair amount of protection to Shard Walkers, adding a shield that can take up to 500 points of damage. Shields take 100% damage from all damage types except Sniper (1%). Shields return 1:45 after taking damage or being destroyed (Ctrl+A). Purchasable at any Nerve Center for $2000 and takes 1:00 to research.
CNCKW Blue Shards Cameo
Blue shards Upgrading Shard Walkers with Blue Shards makes them even more devastating (Ctrl+D). Purchasable at Reaper-17 Technology Assembler for $2000 and takes 1:00 to research.

Game unit[]

Multiple Shard Walkers with the blue shards upgrade can cut down legions of infantry and aircraft with horrendous efficiency. Conversely, large concentrations of Zone Troopers or Raider Squads are fatal to Shard Walkers, they are able to inflict comparable casualties in mere seconds.



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