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Sharpshooter team referred to an ability available to GDI and ZOCOM commanders in the Third Tiberium War, which deployed three veteran sniper teams to the field.

Game Effect[]

Once a target location was selected, three V-35 Ox transports would fly in from outside the combat area and each deposit a veteran sniper team in the specified zone before leaving, much like how Bloodhounds and GDI Airborne work. Once released by the transport, these sniper teams could be commanded normally and were identical to those manually trained by the commander, albeit already having one rank.

It is worth noting that, like the two aforementioned GDI V-35 Ox-based support powers, these transports have the fragility of its standard version, and can be intercepted and destroyed easily should it encounter enemy antiaircraft fire.

Though the cost of the power is slightly more expensive than if the commander had trained the three squads (3000 credits versus the power's 3500 credit cost), the positioning and veterancy make up for it.

Assuming they are dropped into a tactically advantageous position, GDI commanders can use these snipers to direct Juggernaut artillery fire in addition to their standard capabilities of silently eliminating enemy infantry. ZOCOM commanders choose not to deploy any artillery, however, and cannot use them for this purpose.

The Steel Talons cannot deploy this power altogether, as they cannot deploy sniper teams in the first place.


  • Early in development, they were supposed to be named "Hunter-Killer Team"[1] .



  1. Tiberium Wars, texture name for the targetting decal (TargetingDecalHunterKillerTeam)

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