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For ZOCOM's variant, see Zone Shatterer.

For Rivals variant, see Shatterer (Rivals).

Engage sonics!
- Shatterer

The Shatterer is a GDI support vehicle avilable only in Kane's Wrath.


As with its non-mobile brethen, the sonic emitter, the Shatterer was originally designed with Tiberium abatement in mind, using a modified version of the aforementioned turret to propel concentrated waves of sonic energy deep into Tiberium fields, operating safely from a HoverTech-derived mobile platform[1].

Following the unexpected assault of Washington D.C. by Nod forces, the Shatterer was repurposed for military use. Waves of sonic destruction proved exceptionally effective against the masses of uprising Nod militants and waves of Tiberium-infused alien invaders. Though lightly armored and no faster than a Predator Tank, the Shatterer proved an invaluable ally both on and off the battlefield[2].


Call for transport
Call for transport If an Airfield is deployed, Shatterer can call in a V-35 Ox Transport for pickup for a small fee of $200. This ability has a 2 minute cooldown (Ctrl+A).

Game unit

The sonic wave was relatively slow compared to other weapons, which made the Shatterer more useful against slow moving units or stationary targets, like buildings. Heavier units were able to withstand the sonic blast for a while. This, and along with its heavy bulk, made the hovertank vulnerable to fast units, including aircraft. Also, the unit was unable to fire while moving and had no defense against aerial units. The Shatterer was also somewhat expensive, at 1500 credits.

However, the Shatterer had several advantages that made it an effective weapon when used right. It was capable of hitting all units that its shockwave hit, making it effective at destroying entire swarms of lightly armoured units, infantry, and closely-built structures. This also made Shatterers effective in urban areas, as they could simply firing through the buildings to hit other units, or demolish other buildings that were occupied by the enemy without exposing themselves to unnecessary fire.


  • Kane's Wrath patch 1.01:
    • range increased 30%
    • sonic wave horizontal damage radius tripled
    • pre-attack delay removed
    • clip reload time increased
    • cost increased to $1500/15 sec
  • Kane's Wrath patch 1.02:
    • GDI Slingshot and Shatterer icons swapped at the reclamator hub to mirror the war factory
    • range increased from 325 to 350


When created

  • Sonic tank, ready to go!
  • Shatterer ready!

When selected

  • Resonance status green!
  • Sonics ready!
  • Shatterer, standing by!
  • Sonics powered up!
  • Ready for battle!

When moving

  • Got it!
  • HoverTech active!
  • Move out!
  • Move in!
  • On the way!

When ordered to attack

  • Tracking 'em down!
  • Target coordinates acquired!
  • Moving to arc position!
  • Attack position confirmed!

When attacking

  • Blow 'em away!
  • Engage sonics!
  • I like the sound of that!
  • Let's break 'em down!
  • We have a target!
  • We've got 'em now!

In combat

  • Keep firing!
  • We're taking fire!
  • We've got 'em in our sight!
  • Checking calibrations!
  • Keep it safe!

When retreating

  • Let's get outta here!
  • Retreat!


  • This unit is known as Громовержец (Thunderer) in the Russian localization of the game.


See also


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