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For other uses, see Shatterer.

Shatterer in the house!
- Shatterer when deployed

The Shatterer is a rare GDI vehicle unit in Command & Conquer: Rivals.


The GDI Shatterer is an infantry suppression weapon that combines GDI hover tech and sonic tech. The Shatterer's concentrated sonic-seismic hybrid wave damages and stuns enemy infantry units.


  • Strong against infantry Can target vehicles Cannot target aircraft Strong against structures
  • Stuns enemy Infantry with each attack.

Game unit[]

Shatterer is a middle-game anti-infantry vehicle. It's ability to momentarily stun incoming infantry reduces their effective movement speed by ¼, increasing the Shatterer's defenders advantage. The stun reduces the infantry attack speed by 10%. The fast attack speed allows Shatterer to quickly deal with light infantry.

Like all sonic units in the GDI arsenal, Shatterer is effective against structures. It is not a unit of choice for direct base attack, but will deal more than a fair share of damage to Minigun turret and the Obelisk of Light.

Being a lightly armnored specialist unit, it is vulnerable to any anti-vehicle armor and aircraft. If the infantry is the only available counter to the Shatterer, sending in several squads at the same time can overwhelm it. This approach is not effective if the Shatterer is boosted by M.S.V. or Jackson.

Shatterer works well with other specialist units, like Slingshot and M.L.R.S. and is a good choice when setting up a fortress.


Dr All vehicle fortress
War Dogs M.S.V. Pitbull Shatterer Slingshot M.L.R.S.
Dr No-havester MG nest
Missile Squad MG Squad War Dogs Pitbull Shatterer Slingshot
Colonel Jackson  
Shockwave Troopers Jump Jet Troopers War Dogs Shatterer Slingshot M.L.R.S.
Riflemen Missile Squad Shatterer Slingshot Predator Tank Talon

Liang can be replaced with Jackson and Talon with any unit[2].


  • 2019-06-05: Can now hover over lakes
  • 2019-06-27:
    • Damage increased to 362 (was 230)
    • Attack cooldown increased to 1.3 seconds (was 1.0 seconds)
    • Speed increased to Fast (was Average)
    • Stun duration increased to .85 seconds (was .45 seconds)
    • Time until the next stun increased to 1.3 (was 1)
    • Shatterer deceleration reduced to 0
  • 2019-08-12: Speed down to Average (was Fast)
  • 2020-08-12:
    • Reduced infantry damage to 180 (was 362)
    • Reduced structure damage to 210 (was 450)
    • Attack cooldown reduced to 0.7 seconds (was 1.3)
    • Speed increased to Fast (was Average)
    • Duration of Stun buff reduced to 0.2 seconds (was 0.95)
  • 2023-08-21: Infantry Damage increased to 210 (was 180)


When created[]

  • Shatterer in the house!
  • Shatterer, queued up!
  • Time to shatter the enemy
  • [Air horn]

When selected[]

  • Sweet beats!
  • Rocking out!
  • Flipping on sonics
  • Resonance in effect
  • Hovertech pulsing
  • Breaking it down

When moving[]

  • Charming
  • Moving and grooving!
  • Moving and grooving! [autotuned]
  • Spinning it up!
  • Perfect tempo!
  • Hitting my groove [autotuned]

When moving to attack favorably[]

  • [Air horn]
  • Will mess them up!
  • Feeling the groove!
  • Sounds sweet!
  • Amping it up!
  • Let's get groovy

When moving to attack neutral[]

  • Trumping the beat!
  • Shatterer raising the roof!
  • Shatterer pumping it up!
  • They don't like my groove :(
  • Cranking up the volume!
  • Amp it up!

When moving to attack unfavorably[]

(only spoken if enemy is adjacent to it)

  • Uh... that doesn't sound good.
  • Not feelings the groove.
  • Not having it.
  • Not feeling it.

When unable to attack target[]

  • Can't ... beat it
  • Can't even scratch it
  • Can't break that down
  • Sonics won't work

When attacking[]

  • Dropping the mic!
  • Pew, pew pew pew
  • Pumping up the volume!
  • And the hits keep coming!
  • Giving a beat down!

When under attack[]

  • Not feeling the groove!
  • Shatterer scratched!
  • Kicking a beat down!
  • Fading out!
  • And the beats keep coming!
  • It's getting hot in here!
  • No-o-ot groovy!

Behind the scenes[]

The Shatterer’s stun will help you deal with the Grenadiers and Marauders while not having the same weaknesses as a Shockwave Trooper or Flame Trooper.
- KyleF[3]



Intel Report on Shatterer



  • Modeled after the Shatterer in Kane's Wrath.
  • House music DJ. German. Male.
  • When taking orders, puts the music on.
  • Uses air horn when happy.

See also[]

  • Chem buggy — Nod tier 2 anti infantry.
  • Rhino — cheaper anti-infantry vehicle.


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