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For the Tiberian Dawn character, see Mark Jamison Sheppard.
CNC4 Shepard Tank Cameo.png
Sheppard Tank
Affiliation GDI Support Class
Role Main battle tank
Armament Cannon
Tier 1
Armor type Medium
Cost 6 CP
Build time 0:12
Produced by GDI Support Crawler
Requires Rank 1
Upgrades CNC4 Range Boost Cameo.png Range boost
CNC4 Speed Boost Cameo.png Speed boost
CNC4 Accuracy Boost Cameo.png Accuracy boost
Abilities +25% dodge buff to close units

The Sheppard tank is a GDI Support-class tank in Tiberian Twilight. It used to be called the "Prowler"


Built on an MBT-6 Predator chassis, the Shepard is equipped to make it more difficult for enemy fire to accurately target friendly units around it. It is presumably named after GDI's first commander-in-chief, General Mark Jamison Sheppard.


The Shepard is considered the main battle tank of GDI's support class. It gives a dodge bonus to other friendly GDI units, and can pack decent damage to Nod forces as well. An achievement can be earned if the player uses this tank to destroy several units.



  • Sheppard tank, battle ready!


  • Standard ops!
  • We got your back, sir.
  • You can count on us.
  • Awaiting mission briefing.
  • Sir!
  • Go ahead, command.
  • Sheppard crew on high alert.


  • Let's move it!
  • Let's go!
  • By the book!
  • Forward!
  • Fall in!
  • You heard the order!
  • Proceeding.
  • Everyone, stay close.
  • Copy that, driver?
  • Double time!


  • Concentrate fire!
  • Priority target!
  • Now!
  • Cleared for fire!
  • Striking targets!
  • Let 'em have it!

Move to Attack

  • Engaging!
  • Let's get it done!
  • Follow my lead!
  • Fire when in range!
  • Prepare to fire!
  • Attack pattern Delta!

In Combat

  • Don't give 'em an inch!
  • Right on target!
  • Continue firing!
  • Let's keep this clean and tight!
  • Take the openings!

Taking Fire

  • Taking some fire!
  • They're firing back!
  • Requesting counterattack!
  • That all they got?
  • Keep it together, men!


  • Disengaging.
  • We need those repairs!
  • Cover the retreat!



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