Shinji Shimada

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Shinji Shimada
Dr. Shinji Shimada.jpg
Biographical information
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Political information
Affiliation EotRS logo.png Empire of the Rising Sun
Occupation Scientist
Game information
Appearances Uprising
Actor Vic Chao
Please, don't do this. We're not trying to hurt you, we're trying to help you!
- Dr. Shimada, trying to make Yuriko stop her revenge in facility

Shinji Shimada was an Empire of the Rising Sun scientist known for his work on psionics.


I'm sorry, Yuriko. It is the only way! Why can't you turn against me? There is nothing much I could do!
- Dr. Shimada, arresting Yuriko

Shimada earned a doctorate at Tokyo's most prestigious science institute. His groundbreaking and controversial thesis was on latent psionics and the next stage of human evolution. The doctor was managing director of the Omega Program which led to weapons such as the Psionic Decimator and Yuriko Omega.

During the Third World War Shimada monitored Yuriko and Izumi's psionic performance from the Shiro Sanitarium. After the war, a vengeful Yuriko returned to the Sanitarium to settle some unfinished business with the doctor... by violent means. Shimada hid in his private lab in the lower levels where Izumi was contained, and attempted to stop Yuriko reaching him by destroying the elevators when she reached them - but could not destroy the last one or he would be trapped. She eventually reached Dr. Shinji, and mutilated him after destroying his personal force of several King Onis, Steel Ronin, 4 Psychic Inhibitors and 3 Giga Fortresses.

Shimada was a friend of Dr. Gregor Zelinsky, based on recovered data from the Sanitarium by Yuriko - of whom she questioned, labelling him a (quote/unquote) "complete nutjob".


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