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We tend the Emperor's garden!
- Shinobi

The Shinobi is the infiltration infantry of the Empire of the Rising Sun in Red Alert 3 and Uprising.


Main article: Shinobi/Profile
My blade is yours!
- Shinobi

The black-cowled Shinobi are ninja-like operatives of the Empire of the Rising Sun. Shinobi can not only infiltrate structures to cause all sorts of mayhem, but can also swim and are able to run as fast as cheetahs. These shadow warriors are armed with traditional Japanese ninjatō swords and razor-sharp shurikens that can take down any organic units and small robotic units such as terror drones.

Deployment history[]

A Weed to be cut!!
- Shinobi

During the Third World War, the Shinobi, especially in the Imperial perspective, were proven to be powerful infantry killers especially in The Death of Father Frost and Barbarians at the Bay. Thanks to their ninjutsu training, the Shinobis are able to pop up in front of enemy infantry and rapidly cut them down to size with their sword.

In the Soviet and Allied perspectives of the war, the Shinobi proved to be a real troublemaker and menace against the two powers, seeing enemy infantry as weeds to be cut with their ninja-to and shuriken.

During Yuriko's perspective of the Uprising, a number of Shinobi was among the interior guards of the Shiro Sanitarium during her breakout and her subsequent return. Obviously, their lightning-fast speed, razor-sharp ninja-to and even sharper shuriken made them perfect "Psi-goons" for Izumi, Yuriko's sister.

Game unit[]


Infiltration effects[]

  • Construction yard and expansion structure: Temporarily disables enemy radar and reveals the enemy's vision
  • Power plant: Disables enemy power for a short time
  • Ore refinery: Steals up to $5000 from the enemy, depending on how much credits the enemy actually has
  • Production building: Temporarily disables production
  • Technology building: Temporarily disables the construction of units and structures that relies on said building
  • Superweapon: Resets the timer


  • Red Alert 3 patch 1.11: smoke bombs now correctly cause all enemy units who are actively targeting the shinobi to lose their target



  • Shinobi, at your service!
  • You require my services?
  • I am your servant!


  • What troubles you?
  • My blade is yours!
  • Yes?
  • Ready!
  • I await you command!

Select in water[]

  • *breathing*


  • As you wish!
  • I'll go!
  • Quickly!
  • I obey!
  • With haste!
  • Yes!
  • At once!
  • Hai!
  • I see!

Garrisoning Structure[]

  • Well chosen!
  • Going in!
  • I'll be in there!


  • Pests!
  • Allow me!
  • For you!
  • Extinguish them!
  • Another task!
  • Of course!


  • An easy one!
  • With pleasure!
  • Fools! Watch this!

Move to Attack[]

  • That one, yes!
  • A weed to be cut!
  • I'll dispose of them!
  • One cut!
  • Not a concern!
  • I'll put them down!

In combat[]

  • This won't be long!
  • He will bother you no more!
  • They fall like wheat…
  • A day's work!
  • Who will be next?

Under fire[]

  • It is but a scratch!
  • They strike back!
  • I am besieged!



Surveillance footage

See also[]

  • Spy, Allied counterpart
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