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Extra crispy!
- Shock Trooper
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Shock troopers were an elite infantry unit of the USSR employed during the Second World War.


The Shock trooper is equipped with a portable Tesla coil, essentially a backpack generator with a lightning rod. He wears heavy, electrically insulating armour and cannot be run over by vehicles. The troopers are used as special forces units and as pacification squads.

Game unit

They are very effective against tanks and do heavy damage to infantry as well. However, their slow rate of fire, slow speed and high cost make them vulnerable to groups of rifle infantry. They are, however, more resistant than standard infantry, including grenadiers and flamethrowers. They are also unable to be crushed under tank treads. With these properties, the Shock Trooper primarily excels as anti-tank infantry which brings some much needed punch against vehicles for infantry assaults.

The Shock troopers were succeeded by the more advanced Tesla troopers in the Third World War.



  • Effective against infantry and vehicles
  • Cannot be crushed by vehicles
  • Better armoured than most standard infantry
  • Relatively inexpensive ($900)


  • Slow moving.
  • Short range.
  • Cannot target aircraft.
  • Slow firing rate
  • Vulnerable to mass anti infantry units, e.g. Rifle Infantry, Artillery, Tanya.
  • Mammoth tanks can survive their tesla attacks and kill them with its missiles.


Burn, baby, burn!
- Shock Trooper
Extra crispy!
- Shock Trooper
Fully charged!
- Shock Trooper
No juice?
- Shock Trooper
Let's dance!
- Shock Trooper
Need a jump?
- Shock Trooper
Lights out!
- Shock Trooper
Power on!
- Shock Trooper
- Shock Trooper
- Shock Trooper
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