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For other uses, see Shock trooper.

Shock troopers are elite Scrin infantry units appearing in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


The deadliest Scrin infantry are heavily armored metallic beasts as big as an automobile. Shock Troopers, so called because of their vicious attacks on heavily populated areas, are more than capable of attacking armored vehicles head-on. When outfitted with upgrades, Shock Troopers can even teleport across the battlefield or overwhelm aircraft, not just land vehicles.[1]

Game unit[]

Shock troopers are armed with a beam weapon by default, which is capable of taking on light vehicles. When upgraded with plasma discs, they are even more dangerous and are able to attack aircraft. Furthermore, they can be upgraded with blink packs, which allows them to teleport for short distances. Shock troopers are vulnerable to snipers and commandos.

Traveler-59 shock troopers are automatically equipped with blink packs. Reaper-17 can use the reinforcement ability Shock pods, which deploys three veteran Shock Trooper squads to any location on the map instantly.





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