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Shockwave, on air.
- Shockwave

The Shockwave is a GDI Offense-class assault vehicle in Tiberian Twilight.


Built to handle siege duties, the Shockwave fires sonic shells for timed area damage. Adding a second shell before the first detonates creates a truly devastating resonance effect.[1]

It is possibly the successor to the Shatterer from the Third Tiberium War.

Game unit

The Shockwave is the only vehicle that deals Blast damage available to the GDI Offense Class before the Mastodon is unlocked. It is unlocked at Level 6 and is available at Tier 2. They are designed to assault enemy advanced structures from a relatively close range.

The Shockwave has a cannon firing sonic shells. The shells continuously do damage over time before exploding. They deal Blast damage which are highly effective against advanced defense structures. In one instance, a group of Shockwaves were able to destroy a Separatist blockade of three Obelisks of Light with relative ease in escorting Kane to the TCN opening ceremony.

Shockwaves have Medium-type armour which is resilient to most attacks, but are vulnerable towards Cannon-type attacks such as those of main battle tanks.

Shockwaves, like all of GDI's hover vehicles, can cliffjump, giving them excellent mobility.

Their closest Nod equivalent is the AT-6 Flame Tank.

An achievement can be earned if the player uses it to damage or destroy several targets.



  • Shockwave, on air!


  • Sonic cannon, standing by.
  • Shockwave, all set.
  • Structure need blasting?
  • Have range yet?
  • Yes, commander!
  • I'm with you!
  • I'm cool!


  • Cruise control!
  • Checking things out!
  • Alright, I'm on it!
  • Smooth!
  • Keeping low and slow!
  • Just riding the wave!
  • You know it!
  • See you then!
  • Let's take a look!
  • I got time!


  • Target acquired!
  • Let's get this right!
  • They won't see it coming!
  • Send another wave!
  • Everything comes down!
  • Blast damage, coming up!

Move to Attack

  • Heading out!
  • We got their frequency!
  • Power up the sonic!
  • It won't stay up!
  • Punching it in now!

In Combat

  • Keeping cool!
  • Weapons up!
  • Give 'em another ring!
  • Sonics recharging!
  • Ready for another one?
  • That should do it!

Taking Fire

  • Armor still holding!
  • Shockwave, under attack!
  • The pressure's on!
  • They can't shake me up!
  • Not gonna lose it over a few hits!


  • Shockwave, pulling out!
  • That was getting close!
  • We can make it out of here!



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