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Dropping the base!
- Shockwave trooper when attacking.

The Shockwave Troopers is a rare GDI unit in Command & Conquer: Rivals.


Shockwave Troopers are elite GDI ground troops armed with miniaturized Disruptor technology. Although less powerful than the Disruptor, the Shockwave Troopers’ lower cost and ability to be deployed from the Barracks has made them a staple among GDI infantry forces.[2]


Game unit[]

As powerful infantry squad, Shockwave Troopers excel at eliminating enemy infantry and directly assaulting structures.

In the early game, where every piece of Tiberium matters, Riflemen are a better choice. But as the game progresses, population cap becomes more relevant and the Shockwaves provide more damage and have more health, which allows them to hold pads for longer even in unfavorable match-ups.

Shockwaves are strong against all structures. The Obelisk of Light has very low fire rate, which allows Shockwave Troopers to walk up to it and do significant damage. Minigun Turret has better fire rate, but low health, meaning that Shockwaves are better off attacking it, not running away. Damage to the base is not significant enough to make a direct assault viable, but it could provide relevant chip damage.

Ability to reveal adjacent stealth units allows it to decloak the Stealth Tanks, but the limited damage to the vehicles means they have to rely on other friendly units to deal significant damage to it.

Sochwaves are weak against all anti-infantry vehicles, aircraft and Confessors.[2]

They share the same stats and abilities as the Flame Troopers.


Dr mrbdjbd rush[3]
Jump Jet Troopers Shockwave Troopers War Dogs Pitbull Juggernaut Sandstorm
Commander McNeil Noidhex
Shockwave Troopers Grenadier War Dogs Pitbull A.P.C. Talon
Colonel Jackson Byah
Riflemen Missile Squad Shockwave Troopers Pitbull Predator Tank Hammerhead


  • 2018-10-04: Introduced to the game.
  • 2018-10-16:
    • Damage increased to 130 (was 100)
    • Health decreased to 480 (was 540)
  • 2018-12-06:
    • Health decreased to 465 (was 480)
    • Damage increased to 136 (was 130)
  • 2019-02-06:
    • Health decreased to 400 (was 465)
    • Damage increased to 150 (was 136)
  • 2019-12-11: Increased Speed to Fast (6.9) (was Average)


When created[]

  • Shockwave, ready to melt them
  • Settle down, we're here
  • Shockwave, ready to melt the enemy

When selected[]

  • Where's the action?
  • Shockwave itching for a fight
  • Shockwave ready
  • Just point me towards the enemy

When moving[]

  • Capacitors on the move
  • Let's stick together!
  • Let's go, troopers!
  • Shockwave moving
  • Double time

When moving to attack favorably[]

  • Music to my ears
  • Dropping the base!
  • Cranking it up!

When moving to attack neutral[]

  • Shoot at anything that moves
  • Troopers, fire at will!
  • Sonic weapons hot
  • Attacking formation

When moving to attack unfavorably[]

  • Uh, this doesn't sound good
  • This is gonna hurt
  • Might not make it home
  • This will be a shock to the system

When unable to attack target[]

  • No way!
  • Not doing it
  • Waste of my time

When attacking[]

  • Shockwave kicking it
  • Lighting them up
  • Can you hear me now?
  • No retreat!

When under attack[]

  • We're getting picked off!
  • We need to pull back!
  • We die together!
  • Hey, I could use a little backup!


  • Unit design is similar that to the Zone raiders in Kane's Wrath.
  • Uses a lot of sound related idioms, strong sense of comradery. Female.
  • When idle, puts the sonic weapon on the shoulder.

Behind the scenes[]

GDI was really lacking a mid-tier direct infantry counter to units like the Cyborg and Zone Troopers. We wanted to give players an easier to use, more direct counter to high-tier infantry, as well as a unit that they could use to harass the enemy base.
- MrBlack[2]


Intel report on GDI Shockwave/Nod Flame Troopers



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