The Shockwave Trooper is an advanced GDI infantry unit in Command & Conquer: Rivals. It is a GDI equivalent to Nod's Flame Trooper

Game Unit

The Shockwave Trooper is capable of eliminating enemy infantry with relative ease. It is also good at destroying defenses such as Leuitenant Strongarm's Gun Turret or Kane's Obelisk of light.

With correct protection, one shockwave trooper can be used to reduce enemy base to half of its HP, and let the nuclear missile finish it off.



  • Good for eliminating enemy infantry
  • Good for destroying structures
  • Due to number of troopers per squad, Any anti-vehicle units with slow rate of fire will take more time to kill the whole squad as each shot only kills one trooper despite high firepower, such as Titan
  • Good for defending Jump Jet Harvester Rush


  • Defenseless against aircraft
  • Poor against vehicles



  • Shockwave! Itching for a fight!
  • Shockwave ready!
  • Shockwave ready to melt the enemy!


  • Let's go troopers!
  • Shockwave moving!
  • Music to my ear!


  • Lighting them up!
  • Oh this doesn't sound good!
  • Trooper fire at will!!
  • Drop the bass!


  • Shockwave Trooper may be similiar to Grenadier unit, as they share the same properties as an anti-infantry and anti-structure roles and they also cannot attack aircraft, Grenades have been in GDI's arsenal since the first game until the fourth installment.
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