Shredder MG (Tiberium Alliances)

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TA Nod Shredder.png
Shredder MG
Affiliation TiberiumAlliances Nod.png Brotherhood of Nod
Role Anti-infantry defense
Hit points 860 (level 1)
170,515.35 (level 65)
Armor type Infantry
Cost Defense Points 10
Requires Defense facility level 3
Research Credits 55k Research Points 135k
Attack range 2.5
Upgrades Shrapnel ammo

The Shredder MG is a Nod immobile anti-infantry defensive structure which consists of a small team of infantry manning an anti-infantry machine gun turret.

Game building

Even though it is immobile, it counts as infantry, so that means tanks can drive over them, and anti-infantry vehicles and aircraft are effective against them.  Other defensive infantry cannot move over them, which means they're useful to block off a line of defense so that the rest the infantry units won't wonder off leaving their spot unguarded.

The Shredder MG can be upgraded with 'Shrapnel Ammo' to cause more damage against Infantry Units. This costs 600M credits and 1.2G research points.


Shrapnel Ammo
TA Nod Shrapnel Ammo.png
Shrapnel ammo raises the damage against infantry units by 10%
Costs TA Icon Credits.png 600M TA Icon Research Points.png 1.2G
Range 250


  • It is quite strange that they are called Shredder MGs and have the role of anti-infantry, since they are the laser turrets from Tiberium Wars, though this may be because the Shredder turret has dual shotgun abilities, not machine guns.


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