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For Nod structure in Tiberium Wars, see Secret shrine.

Ren Game icon The following is based on cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

The Shrine of Nod is a cut Nod structure in Command & Conquer: Renegade. It provides spiritual guidance for the Brotherhood. In addition, the Shrine houses missiles for nuclear strikes.[1]

Though the Shrine is not present in any of the official maps by Westwood Studios, references to this structure exist in the game's internal files. It is added as a Nod base structure in a few custom-made maps.


The Shrine of Nod resembles a downscaled version of the Temple of Nod. The interior architecture of the Shrine resembles that of a church, with three rows of seating facing an orator's podium at the end. There are two purchase terminals to the opposite of the podium. The Master Control Terminal is in an underground room that can be entered from behind the podium, which also contains a nuclear warhead.

In custom maps where the Shrine of Nod is present as a base structure, it enables the Nod team to purchase nuclear strike beacons. Should the Shrine be destroyed, the superweapon beacon will no longer be purchasable.


See also[]

  • Fjords, a custom multiplayer map featuring the Shrine of Nod


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