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Time for a hailstorm!
- Siege chopper
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The siege chopper was a Soviet artillery helicopter used during the second iteration of the Third World War.


Combining the need for a stronger air force with the typical Soviet fascination with overwhelming firepower, the siege chopper was meant to be a highly mobile artillery cannon, while at the same time able to fly and attack all unit types.

While airborne, the helicopter relied on a machine gun to shred infantry, aircraft and harass enemy armour. However, the helicopter could also land and deploy a powerful 160 mm howitzer. Though the range was fairly short by artillery standards, the siege chopper could lay waste to an unprepared base or bombard passing columns of enemy troops to oblivion. This aircraft worked to its highest proficiency when deployed in fire groups of four or more. The howitzer's range surpasses most standard base defenses, nearly a match to the French Grand Cannon.


Since its only available weapon while airborne is a machine gun, the siege chopper has very little chance against even lightly armoured AA vehicles. Also, it is very vulnerable while grounded, due to its inability to move while firing its 160 mm cannon. However, the siege chopper's machine gun does make it an effective counter against the weakly-armoured prism tank.

To some extent, it can be used as an anti-aircraft weapon capable of taking on rocketeers, but it can not be used very effectively against Floating Discs, Kirovs, or Harriers, mainly due to a general lack of firepower.

The siege chopper is vulnerable to mind control when deployed, assuming mind-control-capable units actually survive the artillery barrage and reach the aircraft.

Due to game mechanics and possible engine limitations, the siege chopper cannot be repaired in the service depot. To repair a siege chopper, one might consider capturing an Allied war factory to gain access to the IFV, or forcing the helicopter to fight until it receives the elite rank, which gave it the ability to repair itself. An alternative method is to capture a Tech Machine Shop and enable auto-repair for all vehicle units, should one be available.


It was replaced by the KA-65 Twinblade in both the Post-war Crisis and War of the Three Powers, which can transport infantry and vehicles.



  • Deployed cannon has long range (outranging prism tanks) and high firepower.
  • Artillery Cannon is devastating against structures, infantry and lightly armored vehicles. 
  • Can be used to assault enemy bases.
  • 3 to 4 siege choppers can eliminate almost any structure quickly.
  • Can attack other air units when airborne.
  • Deployed mode can be used as a makeshift base defence in small numbers.


  • Can not be used very effectively against Floating Discs, Kirovs, or Harriers.
  • Takes time to deploy and undeploy, making it vulnerable to enemy fire.
  • Very low Armour.
  • Very vulnerable to anti-air weapons.
  • Vulnerable to mind control when deployed.
  • Groups of heavier vehicles are more resilient to artillery fire and can eliminate them.
  • Terror drones can attack them when deployed.
  • If the siege chopper is shot down, it will not deal any damage upon crashing, unlike Kirov airships, MiGs, and spy planes.


Siege chopper, checking in
- When selected
We've got the big gun
- When selected
Ready for deployment
- When selected
Airborne artillery
- When selected
All systems operational
- When selected
Moving in
- When moving
Transporting siege weapon
- When moving
Let's take over the area
- When moving
Air speed to maximum
- When moving
Looking for clearing
- When moving
Load up the belts
- When ordered to attack (airborne)
Give 'em some pepper
- When ordered to attack (airborne)
Target spotted
- When ordered to attack (airborne)
Chop them all down
- When ordered to attack (airborne)
Guns unleashed
- When ordered to attack (airborne)
Time for a hailstorm!
- When ordered to attack (deployed)
Deploying cannon
- When ordered to attack (deployed)
Coordinates confirmed
- When ordered to attack (deployed)
Setting trajectory
- When ordered to attack (deployed)
Fire at will
- When ordered to attack (deployed)
We're going to crash!
- When being shot down
We've been hit!
- When being shot down
Mayday! Mayday!
- When being shot down
Abort! Abort!
- When being shot down
Oh nooo!!
- When being shot down



  • In the game files, the siege chopper uses the same type of machine gun as the Allied NightHawk Transport and the unused Hind transport.
  • The Siege Chopper was based on real-world Soviet/Russian helicopter designs. Its cockpit and hull were inspired by the Mil Mi-28, while its side machinegun mount based on the Mil Mi 24P. Its overall shape is also closely linked to the Kamov Ka 50.
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