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The Sigma Island was a heavily fortified FutureTech facility, which served as the heart of FutureTech's weapons production. It was also where the Sigma Harmonizer, the culmination of FutureTech's research, was located.


Sigma News

News report on the imminent completion of the Sigma Harmonizer

The Sigma Island was an enormous island complex, which housed multiple FutureTech arsenals: advanced heavy-duty construction facilities designed to mass-produce powerful FutureTech weapons, such as the Future Tank X-1. However, these production lines generated massive amounts of heat, and required Cooling Towers to function at maximum capacity. It was heavily fortified, and was equipped with an Airbase equipped with radar-jamming devices, preventing enemy aircraft from entering the airspace.

As the Sigma Harmonizer was nearing completion, Allied troops were deployed to the island in order to protect the device. The Soviet Underground, knowing that the activation of the Sigma Harmonizer will ensure the end of the Soviet Union, launched an assault on Sigma Island. Rupert Thornley, the mastermind behind the Sigma Harmonizer project, taunted the Soviet Commander and used the incomplete Harmonizer against the invading Soviet forces. However, despite fierce resistance, the Soviet forces managed to destroy FutureTech's production facilities, turning the tide of the battle.

The control center of the Sigma Harmonizer was even more heavily defended than the rest of the island, and was equipped with a Proton Collider and a Chronosphere. However, the Soviet forces still managed to destroy the Harmonizer Control, ending Thornley's plans and exposing FutureTech's agendas to the world.



  • It is possible that the destruction of the FutureTech arsenals is the reason why Future Tank X-1 is unavailable in the Allied campaign of Uprising.