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Signal Transmitter
CNCTW Signal Transmitter

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Access advanced aircraft and abilities





Hit points


Armour type

Medium (75% Cannon, 50% Rocket, 100% Grenade, 25% Gun, 1% Sniper)



Build time



Technology Assembler






Planetary Assault Carrier


CNCKW Overlord's Wrath Overlord's Wrath
CNCTW Wormhole Cameo Wormhole
CNCTW Mothership Power Cameo Mothership

Signal transmitter ready for transport of Mothership to Threshold. Successful transport to Threshold will enable planetary escape. Congratulations Foreman, mission salvaged, mothership saved.
- Alien Mission AI
CNCTW Signal Transmitter Cameo

The Signal Transmitter was an important battlefield building for the Scrin during the Third Tiberium War. Its primary role was summoning Motherships.


This bizarre, spiked building appears to grant Scrin Foremen access to the most advanced and dangerous air/spacecraft that the aliens have to offer, namely their Planetary Assault Carriers and foreboding, glacially slow Motherships. Notably, the Mothership will materialise wherever this building is placed when it is summoned, and while this construction does indeed allow the summoning of a Mothership, it still comes at great Tiberium cost. The building itself also consumes a reasonable amount of power. With this building the alien Foreman can call down support power called Overlord's Wrath and summon Wormhole that provide teleportation between two points on the battlefield for a short time.

During the alien's escape from earth, the Mission AI give briefing to Foreman 371: "While completing Threshold Assembly, the construction of Signal Transmitter is your only chance for survival Foreman. First priority, complete Threshold assembly". The Signal Transmitter then summon the Alien's Mothership to be teleported into the Ichor Hub with the Threshold Tower.

Support powers provided

Icon Support power Description
CNCKW Overlord's Wrath Overlord's Wrath The might of the Scrin invasion is displayed by hurling down a series of successively larger Tiberium-laced asteroids that slam into the ground with devastating impact. This power costs $4000 and takes 7:00 to recharge.
CNCTW Wormhole Cameo Wormhole The Wormhole allows Scrin forces to be transported between two different locations, arriving at their destination nearly instantaneously. However, enemy forces can also use the Wormhole, which lasts for 0:25. The Wormhole costs $2000 and takes 4:00 to recharge.
CNCKW Shock Pods Cameo Shock Pods Reaper-17 can summon three squads of Veteran Shock Troopers at a location. This power costs $3000 and takes 1:30 to recharge.
CNCTW Mothership Power Cameo Mothership For the incredible price of $5000, a Mothership can be deployed. This massive vessel can obliterate entire bases with its Catalyst Cannon, though it is incredibly slow and only can only fire on targets directly below it. Summoning a Mothership will sound an audible alert to all players, and though the Mothership is well armored, it takes a long time to transit anywhere on the map. This power has a cooldown of 2:30.



  • The Signal Transmitter bears a resemblance to an ancient sea creature called the Hallucigenia.


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