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[[Category:Yuri's Revenge mod images]]
|name =Six Shooter Showdown
|image =Six_Shooter_Showdown.jpg
|imgsize =
|imgdesc =
|location =
|env =
|players =6
|tileset =
|size =W: 600 X H: 650 Units
|game =[[Tiberium Wars]]<br>[[Kane's Wrath]]
|missions =
|internalname =map_mp_6_black2
|notes =
'''Six Shooter Showdown''' is a 6-player [[Skirmish|skirmish map]] included in ''[[Tiberium Wars]]'', and in the standard edition of ''[[Kane's Wrath]]''.
== Description ==
== Info ==
*Number of Green [[Tiberium|Tiberium Fields]]: 10
*Number of Blue Tiberium Fields: 6
*Number of [[EMP control center|EMP Control Center]]s: 1
*Number of [[Tiberium spike]]s: 0
*Number of [[Defensive Tower]]s: 4
*Structures: Yes
*Water: No
{{Tiberium Wars skirmish maps}}
[[Category:Tiberium Wars skirmish maps]]
[[Category:Kane's Wrath skirmish maps]]

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