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A list of skirmish maps available in Generals 1.

Map List

Map Image Location Environment Players Info
Alpine Assault
Gen1 AlpineAssault Preview.png
United States Temperate, Urban, Alpine 2 6 Supply Docks, 4 Oil Derricks
Armored Fury
Dark Mountain
Desert Fury
Fallen Empire
Final Crusade
Gen1 FinalCrusade Preview.png
Temperate 2 4 Supply Docks, 6 Oil Derricks
Fortress Avalanche
Golden Oasis
Heartland Shield
Gen1 HeartlandShield Preview.png
Central United States Temperate 2 8 Supply Docks, 4 Oil Derricks
Homeland Alliance
Lone Eagle
Rogue Agent
Sand Serpent
Scorched Earth
Silent River
Tournament Desert Desert 2
Tournament Island
Tournament Lake
Tournament Tundra
Twilight Flame
Wasteland Warlords
Winter Wolf
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