Skirmish maps (Red Alert 2)

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A list of skirmish maps available in Red Alert 2 and Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge.

Map List

Map Details
The Alamo
Anytown, Amerika
A Path Beyond II
Austin, TX
Bering Strait
Blood Feud
Brink of Disaster
Cold War
Country Swing
D.C. Uprising
Deadman's Ridge
Dune Patrol
Dry Heat
El Dorado
Four Corners
Golden State Freeway
Hammer and Sickle
Happy Trails
Head for the Hills
Hidden Valley
Isle of War
Killer Instinct
Lake Blitzen
Loaded Barrel
Meat Grinder
Montana DMZ
New Heights
No Wimps
Otters Revenge
Official Tournament Map
Official Tournament Map A
Official Tournament Map B
Pacific Heights
Paris Revisited
Pinch Point
Urban Rush
Rockets Red Glare
Shrapnel Mountain
Sovereign Land
Wild Animal Park

Yuri's Revenge Map List

Map Details
A Hill in Between
A Little Piece of Dune
Arena 33 Forever
Army of the Potomac
Bay of Pigs
Bermuda Triangle
Carville's Convoy
City Under Siege
Downtown, Cityville
Ground Zero
Hail Mary
Invasion Confirmed
Isle of Oades
Manhattan Mayhem
Mount Rush More
No Rest for the Wicked
Powder Keg
Rush Hour
Russian Roulette
Snowball's Chance
Tanya's Training Grounds
Tower of Power
Trailer Park
Twin Peaks
Yuri's Plot

Official Map Packs

Map Details
Circuit Board
Deep Freeze
High Explosive Round
Ice Age
Irvine, California
Islands on the Land
Monster Movie
Moon Patrol
River Rampage
Sink or Swim
Spirit of Mojo One
Transylvania Trouble
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